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UB continues to focus upon development for Belize by Office of Public Information

UB continues to focus upon development of Belize

The University of Belize will hold its Fourteenth Commencement Exercises at 10 a.m. on Saturday 28 January for students, who have successfully completed their course of study at the University’s Central Campus in the nation’s capital, Belmopan.

The graduates will receive their diplomas at the Associate, Bachelor, Certificate and Diploma levels. 

Of the total number of 405 graduates 272 are females and 133 males representing 67 and 33 per cent respectively of the student population at the university.

Guest Speaker at the event is the Executive Chairman of the Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) Mr. Nestor Vasquez who will deliver the Feature Address.

The Faculty with the highest number of graduates once again is the Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA) with a total of 191, followed by the Faculty of Management & Social Sciences (FMSS) totaling 105, the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) 76, and the Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health & Social Work (FNAHSW) with a total of 33.

The President of the University of Belize, Dr. Cary Fraser, has extended congratulations to all graduates for their dedication, commitment and achievement. The university plays a significant role in nation building by educating and empowering students to become decision makers who can create opportunities for Belize’s future generations.
 “It is in the University that we have to prepare our students and heirs to deal with a world that will differ significantly from the one into which they were born,” he remarked “ … a society that fails to provide access to a dynamic and effective university education for its citizens is a society that will lose its way.” 
During the ceremony several students will receive University of Belize’s official white, gold and purple honour chords. The tri-cable white honour chords are designed to honour those graduates with Cum Laude; gold honour chords designate graduates with Magna Cum Laude (great honour); and purple honour chords distinguish graduates with Summa Cum Laude the highest honour. The total number of honour graduates is 40.

The theme for this year’s Commencement Exercises at the University of Belize is entitled: “GET INVOLVED…UB is for all of us.”

The media is cordially invited to attend and provide coverage of the event.

The University of Belize (UB)…Education Empowers A Nation!

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