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Justin Hall

Caretaker (Caretaker)
Telephone: 242-9262 ext

Dr. Virginia Hampton

Assistant Professor-FEA (Assistant Professor-FEA)
Email: vhampton@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 822-3680/81 ext 355

Bart Harmsen

Panthera Jaguar Research Fellow (Panthera Jaguar Research Fellow)
Email: bharmsen@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 822-3680/81 ext 435/438

Lydia Harris-Thurton

Lecturer - FNAHSW (Lecturer - FNAHSW)
Email: lthurton@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 223-0256 ext

Lorita Haylock

Clinical Instructor (Clinical Instructor)
Email: lhaylock@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 822-3680/81 ext

Darwin Henderson

Accounts Payable Clerk (Accounts Payable Clerk)
Email: dhenderson@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 822-3680/81 ext 221

Maria Hercules

Maintenance Personnel (Housekeeping) (Maintenance Person)
Telephone: 822-3680/81 ext 450

Dudley Heredia

Internal Auditor (Internal Auditor)
Email: dheredia@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 223-0256 ext

Ethel Hernandez

Quality Assurance Officer (Quality Assurance Officer)
Email: ehernandez@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 822-3680/81 ext 185

Georgina Hernandez

Secretary II (Secretary II)
Email: ghernandez@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 822-3680/81 ext 193

Jaime Hernandez

Accounts Clerk II (Accounts Clerk II)
Email: jhernandez@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 822-3680/81 ext 156

Margarita Hernandez

Cook (Cook)
Telephone: 242-9262 ext

Jose Herrera

Lecturer - FMSS (Lecturer - Management and Social Sciences)
Email: jherrera@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 223-0256 ext

Dr. Caroline Herron

Assistant Professor-FST (Assistant Professor-Faculty of Science and Technology)
Email: cherron@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 822-3680/81 ext 443

Sandra Hidalgo

Maintenance Personnel (Housekeeping) (Maintenance Person)
Telephone: 822-3680/81 ext 450

Joseph Hinds

Farm Worker (Farm Worker)
Telephone: 824-3775 ext

Melissa Hoare-Perera

Chair-FEA (Chair-FEA)
Email: mperera@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 223-0256 ext

Gordon Holder

Campus Administrator (Campus Administrator)
Email: gholder@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 824-3775 ext

Stanley Humes

Coordinator of Sports and Recreation (Coordinator of Sports and Recreation)
Email: shumes@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 822-3680/81 ext 439

Charnele Hyde

Secretary II (Secretary II)
Email: chyde@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 822-3680/81 ext 141

Marvin Hyde

Computer Technician (Computer Technician)
Email: mhyde@ub.edu.bz
Telephone: 223-0256 ext 177

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