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Office of Open and Distance Learning


Our Mission

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) provides stakeholders: students, businesses, working professionals, both national and international, with quality non-credited and credited courses and programs. These courses and programs are developed internally, and also in partnerships with other institutions and businesses.

Our Vision

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) will house the human and technical resources needed to ensure the efficient delivery of Open and Distance Learning programs including learner support and faculty development. ODL will have responsibility for ensuring that the University’s distance learning programs are produced to the highest quality.

Our Goals

  • To provide academic, business and professional development courses and programs.
  • To provide courses through the University’s eLearning environment, MOODLE, offering face-to-face courses as well as blended and online courses.
  • To provide developmental courses for all ages.
  • To develop and strengthen the use of the university facilities, thereby providing efficient service and proficient student support.
  • To develop quality standards for the design, and distribution of educational materials and resources.
  • To provide for operational excellence through the use of eLearning and distance education.
  • To conduct training and development of courses
  • To provide institutional support in training and development to faculties.
  • To monitor and evaluate the development of open and distance learning courses and programs.

Course Offering


Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday

8:00 am-5:00 pm


8:00 am-4:30 pm

Open Educational Resources

Commonwealth of Learning
Commonwealth Open Schooling Association (COMOSA)
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Press Release

The Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Ms. Julianne Pasos joins Dr. Abel Carrias in congratulating Raphael Martinez and Mark McNab, students from UB's Bachelors in Biology and Bachelors in NRM programs respectively, for participating in research work under the supervision of US sci ...read more

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