Electronic Gadgets



Students must be considerate of their fellow colleagues and should at all times be conscientious of their surroundings and how they can affect those in their vicinity. Patrons should remember that:

  • Cell phones need to be turned off or set on vibrate when entering the library.
  • Calls are to be answered outside the Library.
  • Calls are not to be made outside the Library.
  • The utilization of a headphone when using walkmans, mp3 players, DVD players, laptops and other gadgets is required. The volume should be kept on low.

The Library is committed to the safety of all users and takes seriously its obligation to manage disruptive behavior quickly and professionally. Patrons who after their second warning, fail to comply with the request to study quietly, will be asked to leave the library immediately. If the patron does not comply with this request, the Library staff will proceed to contact the Public Safety Officers to request for the removal of the patron.
If you make any observations about any unacceptable behaviour or are intimated by another student while in the Library, please contact a Library staff member; if necessary, they will call the Public Safety Officers.