Faculty Reserve



Books and other printed materials are placed in the reserve area for students’ use at the request of faculty members.
Items placed in the Faculty Reserve are materials that are usually high in demand for a course, therefore because of their nature, are circulated for limited periods of time in order to serve a greater number of students.  Professors have assigned them for entire classes to use, or the library has put them aside because of their popular or sensitive nature. 
Items placed in the Faculty Reserve are designed to provide a high level of access to materials that are in high demand by a large number of students. Faculty reserve materials may include books owned by the Library, instructor’s personal collection, or photocopies of book chapters, lecture notes, homework assignments, exam files, etc., and are usually for use in the Library only, unless the lecturer has specified a limited circulation period.

The purpose of this service allows the lecturer to ensure that students have access to their materials, which might consist of reference or additional readings assigned to the class. Furthermore, this service allows a lecturer to make use of limited materials such as single books, which they might want all students to read and prepare for class.

Lecturers are encouraged to make use of this service. The Faculty Reserve is unique to the Circulation Desk.

Press Release

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