UBAA Officers


  1. President: Dr. Cynthia Terry    
  2. University College of Belize(UCB)
    Tel: 202-5881
    Email:  cynthiaterry@hotmail.com

  3. Vice President: Elma Arzu  
  4. Graduate of Belize Teachers’ College (BTC)
    Email:  earzu@ub.edu.bz

  5. Coordinator: Nicholas Arnold    
  6. Graduate of UCB
    Email: nicholasapeal@yahoo.com

  7. Coordinator: Ewart Robateau   
  8. Graduate of UCB
    Email: erobateau@ub.edu.bz

  9. Secretary: Stephanne Hamilton 
  10. Email: shamilton@ub.edu.bz

  11. Treasurer: Corrine Gallego   
  12. Graduate of UCB
    Tel: 625-1514
    Email: cgallego@ub.edu.bz

  13. Asst. Secretary: Tara Terry  
  14. Graduate of UCB
    Email: tar_jet@yahoo.com

  15. Councillor: Albert Pitzold   
  16. Graduate of Belize College of Agriculture – BCA
    Email: windowpane22@yahoo.com

  17. Councillor: Rosie Manga   
  18. Email: rosiemangar@yahoo.com

  19. Councillor: Josephine Flowers   
  20. Graduate of Belize Technical College - BTC
    Email:  joflobze@yahoo.com

  21. Councillor: Dacia Tillett  
  22. Graduate of Belize Technical College - BTC
    Tel: 630-6907
    Email:  dctillett@yahoo.com

Press Release

The Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Ms. Julianne Pasos joins Dr. Abel Carrias in congratulating Raphael Martinez and Mark McNab, students from UB's Bachelors in Biology and Bachelors in NRM programs respectively, for participating in research work under the supervision of US sci ...read more

May 2017
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
Vol. 1
Issue 2