2019-3 Summer Courses for NEW & Returning Students

Pre-University Courses

In an effort to give students access to the University of Belize beginning August 1, 2020, we will once more be offering our Pre-University courses online starting, June 29, 2020. Students who are desirous of registering for these courses, please go to https://bit.ly/2020-1PreUCoursesForm

Pre-University Course listing:

Course Code Course Name
BIOL0016 Developmental Biology
CHEM0016 Development Chemistry
CMPS0014 Microsoft Office Specialist
GSTU0014 Study Skills
ENGL0090 Pre-College English I
ENGL0095 Pre-College English II
MATH0014 Development Math

Deadline to Sign up is June 19, 2020

General University Courses

To support a number of students to meet the requirements for graduation at the end of academic year, UB will also be offering a number of online General University coursesAll students who wish to register for these courses so as to facilitate their progression or graduation, please go to https://bit.ly/UBStudentPortal

General University Course Listing:

Course Code Course Title
CMPS1014 Introduction to Computer
PHIL1014 Ethics
PSYC1014 Introduction to Psychology
SOCL1014 Introduction to Sociology
MGMT1014 Foundations of Management
ENGL1035 Composing Process
HIST1014 Introduction to Belizean History
SPAN1025 Level 2 Spanish
SPAN2015 Intermediate Spanish
RSCH2014 Research Methods

Registration for the General University Courses Starts on June 8, 2020 and Ends on June 19, 2020.