UB’s 20th Anniversary Speeches

A Message from Chairman of the Board of Trustees at UB:

As we stand in this  moment, the joy of birth and the memories of the years of growth and struggle fill us with pride and a true sense of accomplishment. The University of Belize, Belize’s national flagship of higher learning, stands tall with its magnificent record of delivering quality multi-disciplinary educational programs designed to empower this nation.

As Chairman of the Board of Trustees of this great national institution I am proud to salute leadership, faculty and staff on this the occasion of UB’s 20th Anniversary.  The road to this happy moment has not been without its bumps and bogs.  In fact, as we celebrate we are mindful of the heavy cloud of uncertainty enveloping the University, the nation and indeed, the World as we all struggle to chart a manageable course in spite of the harsh setbacks brought on by the worse global pandemic the World has seen in a hundred years. African wisdom dictates that “Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors”. We are, therefore, strengthened in the belief that the University of Belize has been fortified by rough waters in the past and will overcome all turbulence it faces today and in the future. “However long the night. The dawn will break”.

This University celebrates the thousands of proud graduates who have contributed to Belize’s national well-being in the Public Service, in Private Enterprise, as educators, engineers, scientists, attorneys, doctors, nurses, agriculturists; in politics, religion, business.  Our graduates have made us proud within the region and across the diaspora, in local as well as in world-class institutions.

In celebration we are mindful of our sponsors and stakeholders and extend a hearty handshake of gratitude to the Government of Belize, to the parents and students who have steadfastly supported us, to benefactors all (small and large) and to the dedicated faculty and staff who have stood firmly with us in creating this fountain of teaching and learning – The University of Belize!

Happy 20th Birthday UB!  Together we will move mountains tomorrow by continuing to lift stones today.

By GA Harrison Pilgrim, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, UB

A Message from the Chief Executive Officer at the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports & Culture:

I take great pleasure in extending warm congratulations to the University of Belize on the twentieth anniversary of the University’s founding, this first day of August 2020.

There is great significance of this August 1st  celebration.  This anniversary date, is historical. On this day, we also celebrate the anniversary of our beloved capital, Belmopan, home of the University of Belize’s main campus. We also mark in Belize and the Caribbean, Emancipation Day, the end of slavery. This alignment of celebrations is testament to our resolve as a people, for freedom of person and thought and of our efforts at nation building. The University of Belize plays a crucial role in all these.   Congratulations to the management, faculty, staff and students of UB.  Happy 20th anniversary.

By Deborah Domingo, Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports & Culture

A Message from the President of the Student Government Association 2019-20:

I am beyond grateful for having been selected by my peers to represent the university’s student body in its entirety as a member on the Board of Trustees for the past year. It has also brought me much pleasure to accept your invitation in sharing celebratory words to commemorate the 20th anniversary of this national institution. The University of Belize is home to many students all over the country which fosters learning in an enabling environment. There are a number of
available opportunities that allows each individual to stimulate some form of developmental growth both in and outside of the classroom. My two-year experience has been one filled with unimaginable milestones being crossed in the face of undeniable adversities. In a similar light, the university too has had its achievements as breakthroughs from previous hardships.

The infamous “Transformational Plan” took off in 2017 with a full head of steam from the very day of its introduction and is continuing its course. Guided by the fours R’s of Reach, Relevance, Responsiveness and Responsibility, the university is well aware of necessary areas for improvements in its plan and steers in a direction of excellence. I am proud to say that I’ve been a witness to the contract signing for the medical building, that I hope proves to evolve into a
program sought after by many students regionally and internationally. Time and time again, we are reminded of how much the students are at the core of the university’s interest and that their
power to push forward the future plans is critical. As students, we are indeed the leaders of tomorrow whom will lay foundations for better leaders in the subsequent years to come. After 20 consecutive years of standing tall on Belizean soil, the University of Belize has sowed good seeds and had fruitful harvests as their reward. I believe that without a doubt there will be no setbacks so great that the students, faculty and administrating bodies of this institution are unable to overcome. We are all forever equipped with our own unique set of tools to build UB together.

By Jalen Good, President (2019-2020), Association of Student Governments, University of Belize

From the President’s Desk – UB and Junior Colleges Convene to Advance Tertiary Education in Belize

UB and Junior Colleges Convene to Advance Tertiary Education in Belize

The University of Belize convened a historic meeting with Presidents, Deans, Principals and representatives of Junior Colleges of Belize and a couple of technical/vocational schools. This meeting held under the theme “Working Together to Advance the Education of our Nation,” was held on April 5, 2019 at the Belmopan Campus. Junior Colleges were represented from across the country and the Institute of Technical Vocational and Educational Training-Orange Walk and Cayo Center for Employment and Training. The representatives from UB included all of our Deans and representative Chairs from our four faculties, the Registrar, Senior Management, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Harrison Pilgrim.

The Chairman opened the meeting and expressed the strong desire for the University of Belize, Junior Colleges and technical schools to work in harmony to build tertiary education in Belize. Mr. Deryck Satchwell, Deputy Director, Tertiary and Post-Secondary Education Services in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, our guest speaker, spoke at length on contemporary issues affecting the tertiary education sector globally. He focused much of his though on access, quality, accreditation and certification and emphasized that meeting the output standards for a particular discipline is dominant in current thinking. Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat, UB’s President, emphasized the importance of access of Belizean students to the National University of Belize so as to significantly enhance the number of students who graduate with tertiary qualifications and can contribute meaningfully to the advancement of Belize’s development.

The Junior Colleges all expressed a desire for a more seamless entry of their graduates into UB’s various programs and that the articulation framework developed through ATLIB (Association of Tertiary Level Institutions in Belize) needs to be constantly updated with programmatic changes that are occurring both at UB and within the Junior Colleges. The matter of general courses at UB that proved to be challenging for some graduates of Junior Colleges, and access to high level ITVET graduates to Engineering for example will be a matters in particular that will be addressed by UB and the Colleges.

The meeting concluded that this approach must be pursued, but in addition, the Junior Colleges will approach our various Deans and Chairs to ameliorate any difficult challenges with respect to student access and the President of UB endorsed this direct approach. All agreed that with dialogue and steady communication we can build a very responsive tertiary sector for Belize. The President thanked all who made this meeting such a success, including our Deans and rapporteurs from the UB.

Security Alert: Crime and Safety

Safety Tips

1. Travel in groups at night and walk on main roads that are preferably lit and frequently trafficked – The walkway that leads to the George Price Center and George Price Street is the property of the George Price Center, not the University of Belize.
2. Never have a set driving or walking pattern – Always know your route and the quickest way to seek assistance
3. Be very alert of your surroundings at all times– especially while walking at nights
4. Pay attention and be aware of your environment – Never put yourself in a compromising position by being inebriated or distracted on your phone or listening to music (or all three!). Victims of attack often look confused, lost, distracted, or in need of help.
5. Report suspicious individuals or raise alert for suspicious activities and/or suspicious vehicles
6. Ensure that someone knows where you are at all-times – for example, when you are leaving classes in the night and especially if you are walking home
7. Ensure you know, by memory, all the relevant emergency phone numbers and UB’s emergency phone numbers (602-5558 or 822-3680 ext 148)
8. Do not keep excess cash or valuables on your person.
9. Carry a whistle or alarm, and pepper spray (especially females). A whistle or phone app that acts as an alarm is a fast and loud way to signal help in case of emergency. Additionally, pepper spray can be purchased in discreet, portable containers – some that will even fit on your keychain – and can be used for personal self-defense.

Thank You to Students Enrolled and Option of Payment Plan

The University of Belize would like to take this opportunity to thank all our students who have successfully enrolled for the 2018-1 semester, which includes students who are on scholarships or who are being sponsored. We are delighted that you have chosen UB as the educational provider of choice to further your education. The University will guide and support you and provide you with all the encouragement that you need to successfully complete your studies.

We would also like to remind all our students that the University affords each student the opportunity to enroll in its payment plan. Therefore, for students who were de-registered on September 4th, kindly visit the Accounts Receivable Office on or before September 24th for guidance as it pertains to re-registering for your courses. All re-registrations must be completed on or before September 30th, 2018.

Safety Tips from Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is concerned about the safety and welfare of all university communities and visitors. The Department is also committed to providing a safe and secure environment and so security measures are employed to ensure that all persons on campus enjoy their time at the University, as free as possible, from any threat to their safety or well-being.

When Reporting a Crime or Emergency on Campus

It’s the responsibility of the member of the university communities to immediately call the Office of Public Safety. When doing so, you will be required to provide as much detail as possible about the situation including the following:
1. Your name.
2. The nature of the incident you are reporting.
3. When and where the incident occurred.
4. Name of person/s involved (names, age, sex, height, race, hair style/color, complexion, distinctive characteristics, i.e. facial features, scars, physical defects, glasses, clothing, etc.)
5. Direction and method of travel.
6. Vehicle/s involved (color, type, make, model, license plate number, distinctive characteristics, i.e. decal, bumper stickers, damage, number of occupants, etc.)
7. Description of stolen property (item, manufacturer, model number, serial number, value, color, dimensions, etc.)
8. Your location and telephone number where you can be reached.
9. Additional information as requested by the communication operator.
10. You may be required to remain on the telephone until the communication operator is fully brief.

If you become the victim of a crime on campus, report the offense immediately to the Department of Public Safety. Timely reporting of a crime improves the possibility of suspect apprehension and/or recovery of stolen property. The Department of Public Safety will investigate vigorously and expeditiously every report made to the Department. If you are victimized, it is very important that you provide the investigating Officer with as much information about the incident as possible.

Below, the Department provides several crime prevention safety tips which should help make you feel safe:

Personal Safety Begins With Personal Responsibility

1. Do not loan your office keys to anyone who is not an employee.
2. Be familiar with work safety policies and procedures.
3. Make an effort to get to know and recognize your co-workers and be familiar with people that should be in your area. Do not hesitate to question strangers, activity, or behavior that seems unusual or odd.
4. Introduce yourself to Public Safety Officer personnel and know how to reach them.
5. Arrange an office alert signal that you can use to alert other employees in your area that someone is in trouble.
6. Report safety related issues, such as burned out lighting, immediately.
7. Be very cautious about providing personal information, such as your social security number, date of birth, over the phone or social media.
8. Always lock up valuables, such as purses, while you are at work. Desk drawers or filing cabinets may be used for this purpose.
9. If working late, lock your exterior office doors and be cautious about who you let in after hours. Notify the office of Public Safety that you will be working late.
10. If you are leaving late and are concerned about your safety, walk with a co-worker or contact the office of Public Safety for an escort.
11. If you are order to evacuate your work place (building), kindly do so and evacuate to the safety assemble area, remain there until when all clear is given to re-enter the building.

Protect Your Automobile
1. Always lock your car doors.
2. Avoid leaving valuable property such as laptops, cameras, jewelry, cellular phones, etc on the seats where it is easily visible.
3. Try to park only in well lighted and highly visible locations.
4. Lock your doors and roll up all windows.

ATM Security Safety Advice
1. Use ATMs inside busy supermarkets when possible.
2. Avoid ATM machines adjacent to obvious hiding places.
3. If the lights around the ATM are not working, don’t use that machine.
4. Only use ATM machines in well lighted, open, highly trafficked areas.
5. When you approach an ATM, scan the area first for loiterers.
6. Beware of offers for help from strangers during an ATM transaction.
7. Have your card ready and leave quickly. DO NOT count your cash in public.
8. Walk, run, or drive away immediately if your instincts tell you to do so.
9. Don’t argue with a robber, if confronted, and give up the cash.
10. Don’t fight with or attempt to follow the robber.
11. Drive or walk to a safe place and immediately call the police.

Date Rape
If you’re going on a date or meeting up with somebody you don’t know very well, try to:
1. Go out in a group or double date so you can realize or understand the true character or nature of your date.
2. Avoid drinking alcohol when on date.
3. Be aware of what is taking place around you.
4. Trust your instinctive ‘bad feeling’ about a situation. If you are being pressured into unwanted sex, stand for yourself and be assertive.
5. Never accept open drinks from anyone whether or not you know the person, refuse the drink.
6. Be careful when accepting drinks, particularly if the drink tastes or smells ‘funny.’
7. Don’t accept a ride home from someone you have just met.
8. Leave immediately if your date tries to pressure you by saying things like “You would if you loved me …”
9. Refuse to go to an individual’s room/home “just to talk”. Most date rapes happen in the home.
10. Always have a mobile phone (with credit) with you.
11. Pay your own way so he doesn’t get the wrong idea about you ‘owing’ him anything. Always remember – even if he does pay, you never ever owe him sex. You ALWAYS have the right to say NO!
12. If you were drunk at the time of the rape, do not hesitate in reporting the rape. Being drunk is not a crime, rape is.
13. REMEMBER: Most women are raped by someone they know.

If You’re Followed
1. If you suspect you are being followed, go to a well-lighted area; enter a store, house, resident hall, or anywhere there are people. Immediately dial 911 for assistance.
2. Cross the street and change direction.
3. Notice and try to remember as much as possible about the person, so you can give a good description later.

Working together as a unit, we can have an impact in preventing crime and removing opportunities for criminals to commit crime on persons.

UB June 2018 Graduation List

A total of 1, 126 students will be graduating from the University of Belize this month. Congratulations to all graduands. Click here to see the list.

Important Notice on Overdue Balances and Financial Blocks

The deadline to clear off all 2017-2 balances was March 30, 2018. Unfortunately, many students did not meet this deadline and we urge those students to clear their balances immediately.

Financial blocks are being placed on all overdue accounts. To ensure you continue to have uninterrupted services including access to Moodle, the Accounts Receivable Unit strongly urges you to immediately clear off your outstanding balance. ​​Students who do not clear their balance by April 27, 2018 will be unable to write final exams and will have to repeat the semester.

The University of Belize has made every effort to assist students including the option of payment plans, extending payment deadlines and meeting with financial institutions to encourage them to develop dedicated student loan facilities. One immediate option is the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) that has attractive student loan facilities.

For any queries regarding your outstanding balance, please visit your nearest UB Accounts Receivable Unit or contact us at [email protected]

We need you to do your part as we build UB together.

President’s Greetings for the Occasion of UWI 70th Anniversary

Let me thank the head of the Open Campus for giving the University of Belize and myself an opportunity to bring greetings on this very special occasion of the 70th Anniversary. At the onset therefore “best wishes to the Regional University of the West Indies on this 70th Anniversary and may the next 70 years bring it even greater success in advancing Caribbean Development and cohesiveness in “Regional Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation”.

UB President: Payment Deadline Extension

My Dear Students:

As we are now fully into the 2017-2 Semester, it gives me great pleasure that the orientation for new students entering UB for January intake had over 100 participants from all over the country. This success however was quickly upstaged by another matter that greatly concerns me as it relates to the future of our institution: our students’ inability to pay their semester’s tuition and fees in a timely manner.

The University of Belize has seen an unprecedented rise in students’ inability to meet their financial obligations in a timely manner.  Be assured however, that the University is committed to its mission of providing “…relevant, affordable and accessible educational and training programs that address national needs …” in the support of human and national development, while increasing its own sustainability.  We need your support if we are to achieve our mission.  With the support of our Senior Managers, let me advise you that if you have not met your 40% payment that was due yesterday, let me set your heart at ease and tell you unequivocally, that we are not going to remove your registration at this time. We do however expect you to act responsibly and visit the Accounts Receivable office to set up a payment plan if you are experiencing financial difficulties. While we are willing to extend your payment terms, the extent of what the University can offer in terms of assistance is limited—UB can only be as flexible as our financial circumstance will permit.

I encourage you to establish a payment plan to ensure you maintain your access to UB’s essential services. The full payment deadline is March 30th and although your registration will not be removed, you will not be permitted to sit final exams if your obligation is not paid in full by this deadline.

The management team and I are here to support you in meeting your academic goals and we trust you will partner with us as we navigate these precarious financial times together.

Please contact the Finance Office at 822-1000 (extension 155) or [email protected] to set up an appointment if you need to do so.


Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat