From the President’s Desk – July 6

Five Students Receive Bursaries from the UB Endowment Fund

The University of Belize awarded five bursaries to deserving students on June 21, 2018. The bursaries will assist the students in pursuing their current Bachelor degrees. The awardees are:
Delroy Coc – Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology
Rocio Calderon – Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
Maria Chun – Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics Education
Zamarie Griffith – Bachelor’s Degree in Biology
Roberto Melendez – Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology
They are shown from left to right in the centre of the picture above.

Zamarie, one of the recipients commented: “As one of this year’s recipients, I am grateful for the opportunity this award will provide as, I rely on financial aid or grants to help finance my education. Receiving this award will reduce my financial burdens and provide assistance for me as I continue pursuing my education, which will place me one step closer to my goals.”

The funds for the bursaries are from the net profit of the 1st President’s All-inclusive Endowment Fete held last year at Bird’s Isle. President Sankat thanked the sponsors for their support in the fete. The President also announced details about the 2nd President’s All-inclusive Endowment Fete which will be held on September 1, 2018 at the Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino beginning at 9:00 p.m. The lead performer will be Pluto Shervington from Jamaica. Oscar B from Trinidad and Tobago will also be present this year along with ELJAI who is a Belizean artist. The accompanying bands will be Gilharry 7 and Youth Connection Band.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Harrison Pilgrim, and President, Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat, also thanked the family of Hon. Laura Longsworth-Tucker, Speaker of the House of Representatives, for her contribution to nursing education to UB in the form of a scholarship.

Travellers Limited, one of the sponsors of the Fete was represented by Mr. and Mrs. Gabb and Mr. Gabb endorsed the importance of giving students an opportunity to pursue their education at UB.

President Sankat also spoke on the Anil Sinha Memorial Scholarship for a student pursuing an Associate Degree in Agriculture. Anil Sinha (deceased) was the CARDI Country Representative in Belize.

Congratulations to the five students and we urge them to continue excelling.

UNAN visits UB to examine the possibility of Medical Education

The Representatives of the Faculty of Medicine from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (Drs Charles Wallace and Margarita Perez) visited the University of Belize on June 18 – 20, 2018, together with representatives of the Minister of Health of Belize, Dr. Natalia Beer and Mr. Andrei Chell and the PAHO/WHO Institutional Advisor Ms. Claudia Pescetto. The Representatives held meetings with the Dean of Faculty of Nursing Allied Health and Social Work and Faculty of Science & Technology and toured our teaching and learning facilities as well as looked at our curricula in these faculties. The purpose of this fact finding visit was to examine the possibility of UB embarking on a program in Medicine with the support of the Ministry of Health, FAO and Ministry of Education. A preliminary exit report by the representatives indicated a very good possibility for us to move in this direction. More detailed studies are expected to be conducted.

UB Early Childhood Stimulation Center Holds “Moving On” Ceremony for Baby Black Jaguars

The University of Belize Early Childhood Stimulation Center held its 13th Moving On Ceremony on June 28, 2018. Twenty-one students were recognized for completing their kindergarten years.

Salima Savery, daughter of Dr. Sherlene Enriquez-Savery, Chair of the Math, Physics and Mathematics Department, passed on the torch to Abrielle Staine, daughter of Ruth Cardenes, Accounts Receivables Clerk I.

The goal of the center is to provide children with authentic activities that will stimulate their learning in an enjoyable way that is developing children holistically. The Administrator of the UBECSC is Mrs. Kathleen Zuniga and she is assisted by Mrs. Monica Neal, Mrs. Patricia Tzul, Mrs. Angela Neal and Ms. Ellise Luna.

The President congratulated the School on its work in supporting education at this level in Belmopan and on a very special end of year graduation ceremony, one that was very well attended by parents, guardians as well as members of the internal and external community.

Students Learn from Leaders on How to Prepare for a New Beginning

The Faculty of Education and Arts through the Educational Leadership and Administration class held a leadership panel on July 5, 2018 under the theme: “A new beginning belongs to those who prepare for it.” The invited leaders were Mr. Kevin Hall, Principal at Garden City Primary School in Belmopan; Mrs. Maria Hutchinson, Principal at Belmopan Comprehensive School; Mr. Eric Neal who is a Captain in Belize Defence Force and an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Belize; and Mrs. Shelly Usher, General Manager of Builder’s Hardware.

The leaders shared their experiences and words of wisdom for the future leaders. The event was organized by the students of the course guided, by lecturer Mr. Leonardo Pott.

Deputy Ambassador of Israel Alon Laví pays courtesy visit to UB President

Deputy Ambassador of Israel Mr. Alon Lavi and the Consul for Israel in Belize, Mrs Rose Wischenka paid a courtesy call on the President on June 27, 2018. The representatives and the President engaged on possibilities for support to UB, especially in the area of Agriculture, Food Technology etc.

President meets with Belizean Author Frantz Smith

Mr. Frantz Smith, author of “A History of Enterprise in Belize” met with Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat and Business Development Officer Mr. Arnulfo Kantun. The author presented a copy of the book to President and also spoke on his upcoming publication “BELIZE Facts and Figures”. Mr. Smith has education background in agriculture and spoke of his different projects. Professor Sankat encouraged him to continue to publish through the academic press and congratulated him on his thoughtful works on the possibilities of enterprise creation in Belize, emanating from our natural resources and agriculture.

Dr. Wagnon Presents International Classroom Initiative Journal to UB

Dr. Mariot Simon, Vice President, along with Mr. Arnulfo Kantun, Business Development Officer met with Dr. Deborah Wagnon of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) on July 2, 2018. Dr. Wagnon presented a copy of the International Classroom Initiative (ICI) Journal Volume 1 to the University. The ICI journal is a compilation of the research and writing of students and an attorney/professor working together in an international environment, for the purpose of learning and contributing to the media and entertainment infrastructure of a developing market. The current journal is focused on Belize and looks at the unique character, relevant international and national intellectual property laws, and industry infrastructure for media and entertainment. The UB and MTSU had previously signed a MOU in August 2016 with the stated goal to “Exchange ideas and information to further mutual understanding and cooperation”, between our global student communities, as put into action by the International Classroom Initiative. Dr. Wagnon is an Associate Professor at MTSU.

More Lights for a Safer Belmopan Campus

In order to provide a safer environment for students, the University has installed more LED Solar lights along the walkways of the campus. President Sankat thanks Mr. Francis Burns and the Physical Department team for their good work.