Message to the June 2017 Graduating Class

On behalf of the entire University of Belize Community, please accept my sincere congratulations on your success here and graduation. The hard work and dedication to your studies have brought you this point into your lives; use your knowledge and experience gained here as a spring board for future advancement. Please remember that life’s journey is one of continuous learning and problem solving, so do prepare yourselves for this. We would be very pleased to welcome you back to UB in the future, so that you can continue acquiring new knowledge and skills.

I am aware of the tremendous sacrifices some of you and your families made to get you here. I commend and thank you all my dear parents and guardians for this. Education can change lives, and I am confident that your sons and daughters will continue to make you proud, as they made us at UB.

My best wishes to all you graduates in the future. We have embarked on a journey to build a stronger and more responsive National University of Belize. I need all your support now and in the future to accomplish this. So “Let’s Build UB together”.


Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat