PR – UB: The Virtual Model Organization of American States (MOAS)

April 20, 2022

For Immediate Release

UB: The Virtual Model Organization of American States (MOAS)

On April 6th 2022, six delegates from the University of Belize completed the three-day Virtual Model Organization of American States (MOAS) General Assembly for the English-Speaking Caribbean and Historically Black Universities. The delegates included: Maslin Hanson, Mark Woodye, Pedro Cal, Joshua Seguro, Jaden Coleman and Collin Smith.  They were mentored by Ms. April Martinez, History Lecturer and Ms. Lynmara Rosado Social Sciences Lecturer.

The MOAS is a simulation of the OAS General Assembly in which university students represent delegations of the OAS member states. The primary purpose of the MOAS is to promote democratic values and acquaint students with the role and structure of the OAS and the Inter-American agenda. Students are provided with the opportunity to explore major political, economic, social, and security issues impacting the Western Hemisphere, experience diplomacy as a tool for problem-solving, and develop intercultural awareness. The MOAS thus serves as a platform to coach and develop the leaders of today and tomorrow.

The University of Belize delegates were tasked with representing the Republic of Haiti and placed into one of three committees – the General Committee (GC), Committee on Juridical and Political Affairs (CAJP), and the Inter-American Council for Integral Development (CIDI) – in order to tackle judicial, economic, political, health, and education issues of the region and to create resolutions on them. Delegates had the opportunity to work with students from other Caribbean countries and learn how different cultures work alongside each other. To culminate the MOAS, an election is held to appoint committee members to lead next year’s MOAS. One of our delegates, Mr. Jaden Coleman, was elected Vice-Chair of the CIDI Committee, automatically placing him as one of the University of Belize’s representatives in next year’s MOAS.

This year’s Virtual Model OAS was hosted by The Organization of American States and Howard University. The University of Belize’s Office of Student Affairs and advisors Mrs. Lynmara Rosado-Lino and Ms. April Martinez provided key assistance to our delegates.
The University of Belize congratulates Mr. Jaden Coleman on his election and extends warm congratulations to Ms. Maslin Hanson, Mr. Mark Woodye, Mr. Pedro Cal, Mr. Joshua Seguro, and Mr. Collin Smith, for exemplary performance at this year’s MOAS.  U.B. also gives public gratitude to our esteemed lecturers who mentored the students; Ms. April Martinez and Ms. Lynmara Rosado.


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