Security Alert: Crime and Safety

Safety Tips

1. Travel in groups at night and walk on main roads that are preferably lit and frequently trafficked – The walkway that leads to the George Price Center and George Price Street is the property of the George Price Center, not the University of Belize.
2. Never have a set driving or walking pattern – Always know your route and the quickest way to seek assistance
3. Be very alert of your surroundings at all times– especially while walking at nights
4. Pay attention and be aware of your environment – Never put yourself in a compromising position by being inebriated or distracted on your phone or listening to music (or all three!). Victims of attack often look confused, lost, distracted, or in need of help.
5. Report suspicious individuals or raise alert for suspicious activities and/or suspicious vehicles
6. Ensure that someone knows where you are at all-times – for example, when you are leaving classes in the night and especially if you are walking home
7. Ensure you know, by memory, all the relevant emergency phone numbers and UB’s emergency phone numbers (602-5558 or 822-3680 ext 148)
8. Do not keep excess cash or valuables on your person.
9. Carry a whistle or alarm, and pepper spray (especially females). A whistle or phone app that acts as an alarm is a fast and loud way to signal help in case of emergency. Additionally, pepper spray can be purchased in discreet, portable containers – some that will even fit on your keychain – and can be used for personal self-defense.