UB Celebrates National Service Day

The University of Belize (UB) students, faculty and staff joined donors on September 19th, 2017 to beautify the different Campuses as a tribute to National Service Day, a day commemorated across the country in honor of former Prime Minister, the Right Honorable George Cadle Price who passed away on this date in 2011.

At a ceremony held on the grounds of the main campus, Belmopan Mayor, His Worship Khalid Belisle delivered the keynote address. Mayor Belisle reminded the students that National Service Day honors Price, who started the peaceful, constructive revolution in 1950 that led Belize to Independence on September 21st, 1981. His life, dedicated to the country, led to several distinguished titles being bestowed upon him including: the “Order of National Hero”, Belize’s highest honor and “Father of the Nation.” Not only was he a man of deed but also of humility. As he travelled the country, he offered his service to communities. He contributed in a selfless manner to uplift the country and people of Belize.

Following the keynote address of Mayor Belisle, UB President Clement Sankat spoke of a service driven form of leadership. “At UB, the service we provide to our staff, our stakeholders and our students must be with a lot of heart since we are enhancing their well-being. We want to produce citizens who will create changes desired in Belize. I was heartened to see volunteerism thriving in Belize. It is a higher form of service because there are no expectations involved. I saw two students come all the way from Corozal with large plants on the bus to the Belmopan Campus. I truly admire their spirit of giving since they desire not only to see their University campus as beautiful, but also seen in a positive and great light.”

President Sankat congratulated Dr. Latha for mobilizing staff and students for the volunteering drive; Mr. Francis Burns and his team at the Physical Plant section of UB; those who received awards of appreciation from UB; the generosity of the private sector who had given plants at generous, discounted prices and the group from the deep south in the Toledo district who gave UB 100 Mahogany and Cedar plants, the “Ya’axche Conservation Trust.”

Executive Director of the Ya’axche Conservation Trust, Christina Garcia commented that “Ya’axche is extremely grateful for the partnership formed with the University of Belize and supports its efforts in continuing to beautify its campuses by donating tree saplings. National Service Day is a great opportunity to directly participate and support efforts by contributing towards nature and humans for the benefit of both.”

Belmopan Mayor Belisle and UB President Sankat joined to set the first plant into the soil. National Service Day complemented the Campus Beautification Project as the humility and spirit of the Right Honorable George Price was alive and well in the faculty, staff and students who tilled the soil.