UB Graduates 600 Students this Semester from all Parts of Belize


July 30, 2020

For Immediate Release

UB Graduates 600 Students this Semester from all Parts of Belize 

The University of Belize is very pleased to announce that 600 students from our Semester II Cohort have been approved for graduation by the Board of Trustees of UB at their meeting on 29th July, 2020.

The Board expressed its pleasure, that despite the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic and the near physical lock down of the University, that the University responded though online teaching and learning modality to ensure that this large number of students met their requirements as hoped for.  The Board congratulated the students, faculty, staff and administrators of UB for their support of these students through their creative work in difficult times.  Also noteworthy is that for the very first time, the University has produced more graduates at the Bachelors level (281) compared to graduates at the Associates level (241).  This is a major directional change as the University advances on its Transformation Plan.  Our graduates have come from all parts of Belize; 341 from our Belmopan Campus, 167 from our Belize City Campus, 53 from our Punta Gorda Campus, 26 from our Central Farm Campus and 12 from our outreach location in Corozal Town.  Again, like previously years, the vast majority of graduates are females and 18% of our graduates completed their requirements with honors.  Our highest overall achievers were:

HUNG, ANDRES                              Associates in Biology and Chemistry

WU, CHEN-YI                                   Bachelors in Pharmacy

CHOC, ALMIRA DELICIA              Bachelors in Medical Laboratory Science

The University is actively planning for its graduation ceremonies in Punta Gorda and in Belize City scheduled for the month of October 2020 and our graduates and their parents would be informed as soon as our arrangements have been confirmed in this challenging time of maintaining hygiene etiquette.  The Board of Trustees, the Management, Faculty and Staff of the University extend its sincere congratulations to our successful graduating students.



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