UB Hosts Premiere Screening of Green Days by the River – A Film by Michael Mooleedhar

UB President Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat welcomed Mr. Michael Mooleedhar director of the film Green Days by the River which is based on the book by the same name written by Trinidad and Tobago well known writer, Mr. Michael Anthony. They were also joined by Mr. Seth Hernandez from Belize International Film Festival and Jacklyn Burns teacher from Belmopan Comprehensive High School .

Professor Sankat addressed the students from Belmopan Comprehensive School in the filled to capacity Jaguar Auditorium. He introduced Mr. Mooleedhar, acknowledging him as a young talented filmmaker in Trinidad and Tobago, receiving the People’s Choice Award for Film Festival in 2009 and 2015. Professor Sankat gave good advice on the importance of filmmaking as a possible career venture especially considering the changing times that we live in and how the media, television, social media and digital technology are transforming how we communicate and engage. He also reminded the students to continue doing well in their studies and in a few years he will be welcoming them at the National University of Belize.

Green Days by the River Book is part of the curriculum for high schools across the Caribbean region including Belize. Therefore seeing the film allowed for students to be able to contextualize what they had read in the book. It also gives more visual images to the settings and characters in the book. Hearing the background music, the spoken language, learning more about Trinidad and Tobago’s natural environment, culture, music and the tremendous similarities with Belize. Green Days by the River also has a great title because even here in Belize someone young or inexperienced is considered Green. During High School is the time when most persons transition from childhood to adolescence. It also teaches young people that choices have consequences.

After enjoying the movie, the students had the opportunity to ask the director questions on the movie and its plot. A student asked how the author of the book, Mr. Michael Anthony felt about the film. Mr. Mooleedhar said that Mr. Anthony was a part of the film and had a supporting role in the film. It was a very engaging session for the students, teachers and director.

Mr. Mooleedhar says Belize is the second country where Green Days by the River Film is being screened. He is here for the 12th Edition of the Belize International Film Festival where the movie will also be screened and has been nominated for awards.

Professor Sankat commended Mr. Mooleedhar on the cinematography and excellent music in the film for much of it had a natural Caribbean feel. Professor Sankat would like to say thanks to NICH and the Belize Film Festival Committee. He hopes this will be an annual event at the University of Belize and to one day include Film Making as one of the offering at UB.

Let’s Build UB Together.