UB’s Registration Commenced Today for Classes to Begin on 17th August, 2020


August 10, 2020

For Immediate Release

UB’s Registration Commenced Today for Classes to Begin on 17th August, 2020

The University of Belize takes this opportunity to prevent any confusion in the minds of its students, and the wider university community, that may be caused by unfortunate comments with respect to a delay in the normal opening of classes of the University this semester.   Such comments are particularly harmful to students and their sponsors as well as the University at a time when the University is facing a financial crisis.  

The University wishes to remind all its stakeholders that the original timeline for the opening of the semester remains unchanged and the Academic Calendar of the University is approved by the Board of Trustees.  The schedule for the opening of classes continues to roll out as has been planned and shared with the public and students since the middle of the summer.  Last week, new students entering the University experienced the first ever virtual university orientation.  They also met their academic advisors and received academic advising in preparation for registration.  Registration for classes started this morning (2,020 students registered at this time) and continues until Friday of this week, during which time all new and returning students are expected to select their courses and pay the appropriate tuition and fees.  Next week Monday, the 17 of August, classes will commence online as has been announced, except for some laboratory courses that require face to face engagement, for which students will be so informed by their respective Faculty.

The University has alerted all its stakeholders on the requirements for health and safety, social distancing, etc. and it will continue to observe these best practices while being ready to treat with any unfolding circumstances which this COVID pandemic still threatens.  The University assures its community and the public it serves, that it will continue to work closely with its internal constituents, the Faculty and Staff, for meeting the expectations of our students and parents to deliver tertiary education as Belize’s flagship national institution.



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