Welcome Back from UB President

Happy New Year and welcome back to the University of Belize! I trust that you and your loved ones had a safe and joyous holiday season. I always find the beginning of each new year and new semester to be exciting and filled with much promise. 2019 is no exception. As we embark on a new year and new semester, I pray that you return with renewed energy and enthusiasm, ready to engage anew.

If you are one of our new students this January – Welcome to UB! We wish you every success and hope you will enjoy your time at UB. We are delighted that you have chosen UB as the institution to advance your education.

Every year brings new challenges and opportunities for us as individuals, as an institution and as one UB community. And as we embrace 2019, I want to thank every member of our UB community for continuing to distinguish the University of Belize as a place where individual passions fuel a collective purpose. 2018 was marked by some noteworthy achievements and changes. Your continued investment in the University and your commitment to creativity and innovation ensured this. I am confident that in this new year 2019, as one UB Family, we will continue to put UB in the pantheon of teaching, research and public service for national development.

Great opportunities await UB, and I look forward in collaborating with each one of you closely as we recommit ourselves to transforming this University. Let us stay focused on our Vision 2022 Transformation Plan, despite the challeges we face. More importantly, we are ready for a semester that brings even more student, faculty and staff achievements and opportunities.

So to my colleagues and my dear students, welcome back and I offer you my best wishes for a rewarding year and semester at UB. Our individual successes at UB will facilitate the collective transformation of this University.

Let us build UB together!