Student Clubs and Organizations

The University of Belize Student Government Associations (SGA) are made up of undergraduate students elected to represent students at UB multi campuses and are the official representatives of all undergraduate students. The SGA’s allocate funds to support their initiatives, recognized student organizations (RSO), sports, student initiatives etc. The SGAs also work closely with the Office of Student Affairs and collaborate with University initiatives such as the annual Relathon, La Ruta Maya, and Sports Day among others. The SGAs seek to play a role in the University’s campus life and address pressing campus issues. Each SGA during their tenure traditionally completes a project that benefits the University. Elections are held in April and any student with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and in good standing can run for office. The SGA’s are governed by the SG Constitution which has recently been revised by the Board of Trustees.



President-Shiyanne Perez
Vice-President- Diane Montero
Financial Controller- Janese Castillo
Secretary of Sports-Jada Parchue
Secretary of Legislation- Amelia Bo
Secretary of Advocacy- James Bregal
Secretary of Programming-Dane Bradley
Senator of FST – Jamal Witty
Senator of FNAHSW -Monisha Hyde
Senator of FEA- Gerian Hernandez
Senator of FMSS- Alvin Medrano
RLC Representative- Fernando Martinez
Elections for the RLC and Central Farm representatives are held at the beginning of the academic year at the respective locations.


Belize City


President-Eluide Miller
Financial Controller- Alfonso Perera
Administrative Officer-Monica Flowers
Secretary of Sports-Erick Glen
Secretary of Programing-Lynette Palacio
Secretary of Legislation- Monique Samuels
Secretary of Advocacy-Khyra Harris
Senator of FST – Elaida Coc
Senator of FNAHSW – Monica Heredia
Senator of FEA- Calman Hall
Senator of FMSS- Myrin Marin

Punta Gorda

President – Tanigi Palacio
Administrative Officer – Jamie Petillo
Financial Controller -Gerson Coleman
Secretary of Programming- Romario Braddick
Secretary of Sports – Kyle Roches
Secretary of legislation – Kathleen Supaul
Secretary of Advocacy – Carla Cassimiro
Senator for FMASS- Vilma Ramclam
Senator for FEA – Nirecy Santino

Association of Student Governments

The Association of Student Governments (ASG) is comprised of the Student Government executive of each UB campus’ Student Government. The ASG is funded by all three SGs. The chair of the ASG who is elected from amongst the three campuses’ SG presidents sits on the Board of Trustees. The ASG is governed by the ASG Constitution which is to be revised this academic year.

Shiyanne Perez was elected as Chair of the Association of Student Governments and represents students on the Board of Trustees.

Student Government elections was held in May 2017. Next election is scheduled for May 2019.

Student Clubs

Name Contact Information
1. Intervarsity Christian Club Pastor Lance Lewis
Cell #: 601-2381
Valerio James
Email: [email protected]
2. Christian on Campus


Abisai Pena
Cell #: 629-6796             Facebook 
4. Life Net Susan Menhurno
Email: [email protected]
Ola Onipede
Email: [email protected]
6. Math Club Steven Lewis (Math Lecturer), Science Department
FST UB, Bmp Campus.Work #: 822-3860 ext 423
Email: [email protected]         Facebook
9. International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA) Email: [email protected]
10. Environmental Club Shiyanne PerezCell
#: 620-7972
Email: [email protected]
11. Medical Laboratory Health Club


Belinda Rodriguez
Cell #: 601-9070
Email: [email protected]
12. Chess Club



Akeem Jenkins
Cell #: 6280860
Email: [email protected]
13. Garinagu Wagiya Club


Latwanda Enriquez
Cell #: 6327665
Email: [email protected]
Karrie Rodriguez
Cell #: 6319534
Email: [email protected]
14. International Students Club Olamide Adedolapo Onipede-
Cell #: 6015058
Email: [email protected]
15. Inno’on La oh (Mayan Club)


Jermaine Chiac
Cell #: 665-0771          Facebook
16 UBANS University of Belize Association of Students Nurses Marcus August
Cell #:633-2554
Email: [email protected]             Facebook
17 Accounting Club Dezeree
Avila, Chair at FMSS
Work #: 822-1000
Email: [email protected]
18. Story Telling Club S. Palacio
[email protected]
19 UB Social Work Association Darby Reyes
Email: [email protected]