Department of Public Safety

On behalf of the Department of Public Safety, I want to personally be the first to extend a welcome to you to the University of Belize. My name is John Leonard Salam and it is my privilege to serve as the Chief of the Department of Public Safety. As someone who has worked for this department for seventeen (17) years I am committed to provide a professional, innovative and community-based service in order to better serve and protect our university community (students, faculty, staff, visitors, and campus). In addition, our goal is to ensure for the safety of the university community. The department is also responsible for maintaining a good working relationship with residents of the community in an effort to develop good and friendly community relations for the University.

The department is comprised of sworn Public Safety Officers who received their law enforcement authority in accordance with the provisions of the Belize Revised Statutes. The department is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event of an emergency the department aims to preserve life and property and to mitigate its impact on the country and its people in order to facilitate the return to normalcy. The Department of Public Safety is also involved in educating the University community on relevant topics such as: safety awareness, crime prevention programs, escort programs, new student orientation, victim assistance programs (to aid crime victims in areas of criminal prosecution), community policy programs and of course dignitary protection for distinguished visitors to the University.

We’re here for you all whenever you need us. I welcome your comments, suggestions, and ideas. Please feel free to contact me to my direct line (602-5558) any time you encounter an issue, or you can email me at [email protected].

Information in regards to the Public Safety Department and what we do is as follows.

The role of the University of Belize’s Department of Public safety is to develop and promote the establishment and maintenance of a work environment that is conducive to learning and self-actualization. The department is responsible for providing protection to the university community (students, faculty staff, visitors and campus). In addition for safe university campus, the Department of Public Safety is also responsible for maintaining a good working relationship with residents of the community in an effort to develop good and friendly community relations for the university.

Our motto is “To Serve and Protect” and our slogan is “Security and Safety are Everyone’s Business”

The goals of the department as it seeks to further strengthen the university’s ability to achieve its objectives are:

  1. To promote crime prevention by educating the university community of its rights and responsibilities.
  2. To maintain a safe and secure environment.
  3. To identify, detain and participate in the prosecution of those caught committing crimes against the university community by working with the Judicial Office of the University and the Police Department.
  4. To ensure proper and safe parking of vehicles and bicycles.
  5. To retrieve stolen or lost property, locate owners and ensure prompt return.
  6. To maintain an emergency action plan for fire safety and any other safety hazards which may affect the university.
  7. To conduct training in house and at the Police Training Academy for all Public Safety Officer.
  8. To develop and coordinate of disaster preparedness and response which may include university facilities.