Board of Trustees

Mr. Harrison Pilgrim (Chair)
Chairman and Minister of Education’s
Corporate Agent, Sagicor Ltd.

Mr. Lynn Young (Vice Chairman)
Private Sector for Industry

Jalen Good
UB Student Representative
Chair, Association of Student Governments, UB

Dr. George Gough
Ministry of Health Representative
CEO, Ministry of Health

Mr. Belarmino Esquivel
Ministry of Agriculture Representative
CEO, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dr. Fred Shyu
Belize Council of Churches Representative

Mr. Gaspar Martinez
Minister’s Representative, Agriculture Sector

Mr. Luke Palacio
National Trade Union Congress of Belize

Ms. Darlene Vernon
UB Alumni Association Representative
Attorney-at-Law, D. Vernon & Co.

Mr. Clint Foreman
National Council for Education

Dr. June Young
UB Faculty
Faculty of Education & Arts, UB

Mrs. Deborah Domingo
Ministry of Education Representative
Deputy Director, Tertiary and Post-Secondary
Education Services at Ministry of Education Youth
And Sports, Belize

Dr. Oxaka Tehu ax’Oxo
Non-Governmental & Belize Network of NGOs

Mr. Fermin Magaña
Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB)

Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat
Secretary to the Board
President, UB

Ms. Denise Robinson
Recording Secretary
Administrative Officer, Office of the President, UB