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The Diane Sylvestre (DS) Scholarship is awarded annually to an alumnus or alumna of the Anglican Cathedral College (ACC) accepted to or current student at the University of Belize (UB) for an Associate or Bachelor Degree program based on financial need, academic excellence and other conditions set by the donor. Special consideration is given to ACC Alumni who are enrolled in Math or Science programs; however, students enrolled in other programs are also eligible. Scholarship recipients must also be committed to community and institutional service and to staying and working in Belize. The award is funded through income only from the Diane Sylvestre Endowment Fund (DSE Fund) re-established March 1, 2013 by the benefactor J. Diane Sylvestre specifically for the University of Belize. The award is for two (2) academic years and one summer of tuition and fees.   The scholarship coverage and effective dates are specified in the scholarship award letter. The DS Scholarship is administered through the UB Office of Student Affairs in partnership with ACC. Deadline for application is the last Friday in May. For further information or application forms contact Vicki Quetzal at

Associate Degree

The Government of Belize honors all Belizean high school graduates with six or more CXC passes with grades of 1, 2, and 3 with a tuition scholarship in any two-year Associate Degree program.  Mathematics and English A must be two of the six subjects passed. All passes must be done in one sitting. To maintain the tuition scholarship, students must earn a 2.5 GPA in the first semester and successfully pass the second semester. Students must provide the Ministry with a grade report every semester.  A master list is sent to the Accounts Office with names of Scholarship recipients.  If such students have paid tuition, they will get refunded. Scholarship recipients must contribute 120 hours of community services before the completion of their Associates Degree.

Students enrolled in the Associate Degree in Primary Education and the Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education receive a full scholarship including tuition, fees and books. The Government pays the tuition for every Associate Degree Student who has completed 33 credits of course work and who is taking a full time load of classes. These are considered second year students. These students must take a minimum of 12 credits every semester unless they have less than 12 credits to finish their Associate Degree and they must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher. The Office of Accounts automatically calculates students’ credits completed and bills the government for their tuition once they complete 33 and meet the other requirements stipulated above.

Bachelor’s Degree

The Belize National Teachers Union receives scholarship applications for students enrolled in education programs at the Bachelor’s level. Students must be practicing teachers and members of the union. Students must be attending full-time and have an approved study leave. Successful applicants are expected to sign a bond agreement with the union. The scholarship is for tuition and does not cover courses from the Associate level. Students must maintain a minimum 2.5GPA, provide semester grade slips to the Ministry of Education and render 120 hours of community service before the completion of the degree.

The Ministry of Health receives scholarship applications for students enrolled in the Nursing program. Successful applicants are expected to sign a bond with the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Education covers tuition costs and the Ministry of Health covers the cost of Fees. The scholarship may be awarded for the entire four years of the program or for a lesser period of time depending on the time when the scholarship was awarded. Students must maintain a minimum 2.5GPA, provide semester grade slips to the Ministry of Education and render 120 hours of community service before the completion of the degree.

The Government offers over 125 Bachelor’s tuition scholarships every year to UB students via there area representative. These are based on priority areas of national development as determined by the Ministry of Education every year. Students apply by filling out an application form available at the Office of Student Services or the Ministry of Education. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, academic strength and a dedication to national development. These forms are always available and the deadline is early in the summer. The Ministry posts the deadline every year. Scholarship recipients must contribute 120 hours of community services during their Bachelor Studies and must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above.

For further information on GOB Scholarships go to

The University of Belize Lorenzo Cacho Memorial Scholarship provides support for full-time students enrolled in the final two years of their undergraduate studies. The scholarship is funded by the Lorenzo Cacho Memorial Scholarship Fund (the Fund).

The scholarship is tenable for two academic years excluding the Summer Semester. The scholarship covers tuition and may include a housing allowance on a case by case basis.

Download the Application Form HERE

The University of Belize provides approximately 50 athletic scholarships to students. Currently, these are offered in the following disciplines: Volleyball, basketball, football, softball, track and field, and paddling. The number of athletic scholarships available yearly varies depending on the number of returning scholarship recipients and successful discipline and academic performances by student athletes.

This scholarship is tenable for duration of study toward one degree (Associate or Bachelor) and is renewable on a semester basis. Both new and returning students may apply. Only full-time students with a minimum GPA of 2.5 at UB or feeder institutions on their most recent transcript need apply.  Students on ACADEMIC PROBATION are not eligible to apply.  Students must write an essay of at least five hundred words to demonstrate financial need and academic ability or potential.  Applicants must be currently participating actively in sports. The scholarship covers tuition and fees.  Selection is made once per year in August. The deadline to apply is the last Friday in May annually.

For further information or application forms contact Ms. Vicki Quetzal at

Belize’s Social Security Board offer associate degree scholarships annually to deserving recipients. Recipients choose the tertiary institution that they wish to attend. For further information on scholarship financial coverage, application forms, selection criteria and application deadline go to

Student Loans

The DFC offers educational financing to pursue Associate and/or Bachelor degree programs. Financing can cover tuition and fees, Books and Materials (Laptop etc), Traveling costs and Boarding and Lodging.

DFC offers grace periods on principal payments for the entire duration of studies plus up to six months following completion. See here for benefits and application requirements.  Submit a DFC Loan Enquiry request here.

Once submitted, a DFC Representative will contact you by phone or email within 48 hours. (Monday – Friday)

Banks and Credit Unions

All banks and credit unions offer student loans. Students can obtain information from loan officers at their bank of choice or by calling or visiting the bank or credit union’s website.

Students may contact the following for financial aid information:

Sharon Palacio at

Vicki Quetzal at