Faculty of Science & Technology

Dr. Apolonio Aguilar
Interim Dean, FST

On behalf of the students, faculty and staff, I take great pleasure in welcoming you to the Faculty of Science and Technology!

This Faculty is one of the largest within the University offering a diverse array of programs at both the Bachelors and Associates level. We are guided by our mission to provide relevant and accessible programs through quality instruction, research, and service. Our team of committed and dedicated faculty members are some of the most qualified in their field and are here to provide you with the knowledge, skills and support you need to succeed. Many students who have graduated from our programs are successfully employed within the society and others have ventured on to pursue graduate degrees abroad.

Our Faculty is comprised of four departments across three campuses. The Agriculture Department is housed at the Central Farm campus and offers an associate degree in agriculture. The Engineering Department is located in Belize City and offers associate degree programs in Architecture, Building and Civil, and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The Math, Physics and Information Technology Department housed on the Belmopan Campus, offers associate degrees in Information Technology, Mathematics and Physics; and bachelor degrees in Information technology and Mathematics. The Science Department offers associate degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Marine Science and Natural Resources Management along with bachelor degrees in Biology and Natural Resources Management.  These full time programs are offered on the Belmopan Campus. ANRM is also offered in the PG campus. Student within our Faculty are also able to do double and triple majors with selective associate degree programs.

Our programs are oriented to address scientific, technological and environmental needs of the country. We achieve this by working in collaboration with our stakeholders and creating research and internship opportunities for our students. Faculty members within FST are involved in an array of research activities such as water quality monitoring, dung beetle research, plant propagation, among others.

As a Faculty, we also have strong links with international universities such as the University of Notre Dame in the US, ECOSUR and ITACH in Mexico, Thompsons River University in Canada, to name a few.  Our works with these institutions open doors for our students to participate in student exchange programs and research.

We thank you for visiting our site and hope you choose us to help develop you into a confident, critical thinker, lifelong learner.


The Faculty of Science and Technology provides relevant and accessible accredited programmes through quality instruction, research, and service. The Faculty is oriented to address scientific, technological and environmental needs that will contribute towards national development by producing critical thinking, confident, entrepreneurial lifelong learners.


The Faculty of Science and Technology will be student centered, and will advocate a culture of excellence in natural and applied sciences. It will be an agent of change through cooperation with stakeholders and by promoting socio-economic and environmental responsibility.

Program Offerings