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From the President’s Desk – February 5 – March 20, 2020

UB Closure March 20, 2020 – April 20, 2020

The University of Belize closes on March 20, 2020 and reopens on April 20, 2020 because of the threatening COVID-19 Pandemic. Please see the statement from the President on this matter at:

          Video                                         |                            Written Speech          

UB’s Newest Appointments

The following is the University’s Newest Appointments listing as of March 20, 2020:

Last Name

First Name

Job Type

Title Sub Division

Sub Division


Alexander Faculty Music Lecturer

Faculty of Education and Arts

Fernandez – Hernandez

Gretchin Faculty Lecturer – FEA

Faculty of Education and Arts


Denise Faculty Clinical Instructor

Faculty of Health Sciences

Johnson Lisa Faculty Dean – FHS

Faculty of Health Sciences


Ariel Staff Driver/Maintenance Personnel

Physical Plant Department

Bernardez Devon Staff Public Safety Officer

Public Safety Department


Angeneal Staff Human Resource Clerk (HRIS)

Human Resource Office


Mateo Staff Maintenance Personnel (Building Maintenance)

Physical Plant Department


Raven Staff Maintenance Personnel (Housekeeping)

Physical Plant Department


Carrie Staff Counselor – Students

Student Services and Affairs


Samuel Staff Public Safety Officer

Public Safety Department


Desiree Staff Maintenance Personnel (Housekeeping)

Physical Plant Department

Parham Trevor Staff Public Safety Officer

Public Safety Department


Juan Staff Public Safety Officer

Public Safety Department

Young Cristel Staff Public Safety Officer

Public Safety Department

Ramirez Yeltsin Staff Maintenance Personnel (Building Maintenance)

Physical Plant Department

UB Hosts COBEC 2020 Conference

On Thursday, February 6th and Friday, February 7th, the University hosted the COBEC Winter Conference at its Belmopan campus under the theme, “Quality in Higher Education.”  During the two-day session, key topics discussed at this year’s session specifically focused and engaged member universities on:

  1. Sharing and exchanging of information and experiences on critical issues such as standards, practices, mechanisms, and procedures that benchmark quality assurance in higher education among academics, university administrators and government agencies
  2. Exploring and identifying trends and best practices on quality assurance in higher education; and
  3. Promoting strengthened cooperation between COBEC’s member universities in improving quality assurance

Two significant presentations were made by UB’s President, Professor Clement Sankat, whose presentation was entitled “Building Quality in Higher Education – Best Practices from The University of the West Indies Experience,” and by Dr. Carly Wynne of the University of North Georgia, Dr. Marie Young of Independence Junior College and Dr. Karen Martinez of Ecumenical Junior College, who presented on “Best Practices in Data Collection, Organization, Presentation and Storage for Quality Assurance.”  Notable presenters also included Mrs. Deborah Domingo, the CEO in the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, who welcomed the participants of the conference, and Mr. Deryck Sachwell, Director of the Tertiary and Post-Secondary Education Services in the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, who was the conference’s Keynote Speaker.

UB Meets with the Commonwealth of Learning

The University of Belize’s Vice President, Dr Mariot Simon, together with the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Arts, Dr Nestor Chan, and Coordinator of the Masters in Educational Leadership, Dr Priscilla Lopez, met with Commonwealth of Learning Education Specialist, Dr Mairette Newman, on February 10, 2020, to review progress on the programme. To date, the degree which is offered as a blended programme, has enrolled 37 students who will graduate in 2021. The meeting also discussed plans for continuing the partnership through a capacity building component designed to strengthen the Faculty’s competencies to serve as research supervisors. Dr Simon thanked COL for its continued support of the University as it strives to increase its graduate programmes and build a culture of research, both of which are major priorities for the University’s Transformation Leap as outlined in the 2017-22 Strategic Plan.

In commenting on the partnership, Dr. Newman said, “I see a bright light for this programme. As the nation’s premier degree granting institution, UB’s decision to offer Educational Leadership courses online allows the nation’s educators who wish to lead at the system or school levels to access the programme wherever they reside”.

During her visit, Dr Newman also facilitated workshops with staff and students in which they explored the skills required for supervisors and graduate students working remotely to successfully complete their theses.  

UB Meets on the SAGE Project with representatives of the CICan Consortium – Vancouver Island University, Parkland College, Marine Institute – Memorial University

Meetings with our Canadian partner institutions, the UBCF, with the ITVETs in Toledo/Stann Creek, with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration (MOA), Forestry Department, Environmental Research Institute (ERI), Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT), Pine Lumber Co. Ltd, etc. were held over the period of January to March. These were done so as to continue to develop a planning framework so as to execute the project on assessing the skills needed for Agriculture, Agro forestry and fisheries. The project will develop curricula for short, preparatory (ITVETs) and Associate Degree Programs at the UB and will also strengthen themes to gender, student counselling and indigenous inclusivity in our programs.

  Good News Mission and the International Youth Fellowship meet with UB President

On February 25, 2020, Mr. Jermaine Garvey and Jacob Lim, both from the Good News Mission and the International Youth Fellowship in Jamaica, visited the University to discuss the possibility of providing fellowship to students on campus.

The Good News Mission, out of South Korea, preaches the Gospel through Bible seminars, winter and summer retreats, and student camps in various countries. In addition to missionary activities, NGOs are located in over 30 countries to develop youth and young leaders through youth mind education, cultural exchange programs, educational academies, and social service activities.

The Good News Mission has also actively set about missionary work in Africa, Central America, and South America through medical volunteering, building schools, and establishing broadcasting networks.

International Youth Fellowship (IYF) is a Christian-based global youth initiative. With over 90 branches worldwide, the IYF is dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth of young people around the world.  

La Ruta Maya – Donation from Koop Sheet Metal for UB’s Black Jaguars Team

On February 26th, 2020, Koop Sheet Metal made a generous donation to the University of Belize’s Black Jaguars Canoe Team. This donation enabled the canoe team to once again participate in this year’s 2020 La Ruta Maya River Challenge commencing March 6th.

The University of Belize would like to thank Koop Sheet Metal for their generous support. The Canoe Team and the University deeply appreciate the willingness of Koop Sheet Metal through which they have continued to champion our student athletes’ efforts in this competitive event.

UB Meets with Professor Dina Borozekwoski – University of Maryland

On February 27, 2020, Dean of the Faculty of Health Science, Dr. Lisa Johnson, along with faculty member Mr Danaldi Husaini met with Professor Dina Borozekwoski, University of Maryland Global Health Initiative, School of Public Health.  The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the terms of an agreement between the two Universities to collaborate on a project addressing public health needs of the Elderly.  This multiple year partnership looks at collecting baseline data to study and organize interventions supporting seniors to promote public health in Belize.

UB on Krem TV, Wave TV and Love TV

The Environmental Research Institute (ERI) and UBCF along with the President and Vice President appeared on Krem TV, Wave TV, and Love TV promoting the work of the University.

Representatives from the ERI along with the Vice President appeared on Krem and Love TV to promote the ERI for its 10th Anniversary. Discussions were focused on the Institute’s work over the past 10 years to increase local capacity for the effective management, sustainable use and conservation of Belize’s natural resources – land, wildlife and marine.

Mrs. Zoe Zetina – UBCF Director, President Sankat and Dr. Darrell Harvey of Vancouver Island University (VIU) appeared on Wave TV to discuss the various initiatives happening at UB under the Skills to Access the Green Economy (SAGE) project, particularly as it related to the University’s Agricultural initiatives, training and curriculum.

A New Publication by a Faculty of Science and Technology Lecturer – Mr. Jair Valladarez

UB’s Mr. Jair G. Valladarez, along with a group of authors, Mr. Luis M. Mejía-Ortíz, Jesús E. Cupul-Pool, Marilú López-Mejía, Alfredo G. Baez-Meléndres, Juan C. Tejeda Mazariegos, Keith A. Crandall, Marcos Pérez-Losada and Oscar Frausto-Martínez, published a new paper on “The Habitat Types of Freshwater Prawns (Palaemonidae: Macrobrachium) with Abbreviated Larval Development in Mesoamerica (Mexico, Guatemala and Belize)”.

The chapter is downloadable at:

UB Senior Managers Meet with Representatives from Student Governments

Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat –President, Dr. Mariot Simon – Vice President, Dr. Martin Cuellar – Dean of Student Affairs and Mrs. Rose Pineda – University Registrar hosted one of its regular meetings with the executive members of the UB Student Governments – Belmopan, Belize City & Punta Gorda on February 28th, 2020. Discussions were focused on the successes of projects by each government as well as the concerns by the student bodies of each campus. Key issues discussed were:

  1. The Parking lot at the FEA campus Belize City
  2. The Quality of Teaching & Evaluation – Senior Administration implored students to be more vigilant and to complete their Faculty & Class Evaluations so as to give the University the necessary feedback on the quality of instruction in the classroom
  3. A way forward as it relates to students’ social responsibility – An agreement was made to put forth a joint communique regarding the University’s support of students to develop and express their social responsibility and social justice.
  4. UB ERI Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

The UB Environmental Research Institute celebrated its tenth year on March 4th, 2020 with a short ceremony on the Belmopan main campus, to highlight its outputs and achievements and to recognize its partners over the last ten years. In attendance were University leaders, members of the UB Board of Trustees staff, NGO community and its government and private sector partners.

As the Institute moves into its second decade, its focus is to build upon their successes and work to expand graduate research within the national university and by extension, Belize. These graduate programs will harness the existing and future research capacity of the UB ERI, as well as its current access to long term data sets in wildlife, fisheries management and marine ecology. Through these expanded graduate programs and research, UB will be elevated as the leading academic institution in the area of research on the environment, which will inform policy but additionally will leverage private sector contributions to sound natural resources management, all in keeping with our Transformational Plan 2020.

  Preparing for COVID-19: An Educational Forum on COVID-19 and Influenza Virus with the Ministry of Health

On March 4th, 2020, the University of Belize in partnership with the Ministry of Health and The National Channel (TNC) hosted a Public Health Forum on the Coronavirus and the Flu. The event was an opportunity for the MOH to inform and to share with the UB community helpful and relevant information on the Coronavirus and the Flu, especially as it relates to the day to day measures students, faculty and staff can implement to protect themselves, their families and each other while at the University and at home.

TNC streamed the event live on Facebook, to the other 3 UB campuses and aired the forum live on its television station.

The President of the University would like to thank the Ministry of Health, The National Channel and all those who attended the event, shared and watched the forum on social media and participated in the forum via asking questions or giving positive feedback.

 The Work of Our UBCF – NEW PINEAPPLE PRODUCTION PEST IN BELIZE Amblyomia bifasciata Stal

Entomologist Adriano Vasquez, Crops Lecturer at the University of Belize identified the new pineapple Coreidae pest Amblyomia bifasciata Stal at the Entomology Laboratory, at the Belize Agricultural Heath Authority (BAHA), in Central Farm, Cayo District.

On 9th March 2020, a site visit was conducted at a Farm in Trio Village, Toledo District to collect specimens of the chinch bug damaging the pineapple fruits. The pest population of adults and immature stages were concentrated at the heart of the pineapple plants. The chinch bug feeds on the sap of the fruits, causing the fruit to turn very soft causing it to falls on the ground.  Mr. Vasquez, Lecturer, is the research advisor to Mr. Solomon Sanchez, a Bachelor student in the Department of Agriculture at the University of Belize. They are conducting this research on the new pineapple pest Hemiptera: Coreidae: Coreinae: Coreini: Amblyomia bifasciata Stal.  This pest is new to pineapple production in Belize. This research is directed to find at least one botanical pesticide to control the pest.

Public Health Department Vaccinations at UB Belmopan Campus

On March 10, 2020, the Public Health Department of the Western Regional Hospital provided vaccinations for Flu, Hepatitis B and Tetanus for the UB Community at the Campus Wellness Center. Arrangements were also made for the Public Health Department to visit the Faculty of Education and Arts Campus in Belize City on March 19, 2020, to provide vaccinations for Pharmacy, Med Lab and Social Work students, and staff who are in the field.

The President thanks the Ministry of Health for their support of the University of Belize in the pressing matter and Nurse Sharon Alamilla for facilitating this.

From the President’s Desk – Special Edition: President’s Message on Closure of Our University March 20th – April 20th, 2020

President of the University of Belize

COVID-19 Pandemic

Closure of our University: March 20th – April 20th, 2020

My Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, Colleagues, All,

Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Belize, the Right Honorable Dean Barrow, and the Leader of the Opposition, Honorable John Briceño, held a joint press conference to address decisions made with regards to the COVID-19 Pandemic. One of the major announcements made was the decision to close all schools for a period of two weeks, effective Friday, March 20 of 2020, as part of the efforts to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19.

 Today, with the support from the University Administration and the approval of the UB Board of Trustees, led by Mr. GA Harrison Pilgrim, we announce as follows:  

    1. The University of Belize is closed from the end of Friday, 20th of March, 2020 to resume on Monday, April 20, 2020 after our Easter break.
    2. The schedule for the Second Semester is also approved, including key dates such as,
      • Examination: 25th May to 1st June, 2020
      • Publication of exam results: 17th June, 2020

                               Subsequently, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees will advise on date for a special Board Meeting to approve the list of students for the 2020 Graduation

      • Graduation: 
        • 18th July, 2020 (Belize City)
        • 19th July, 2020 (Punta Gorda)

 I wish to also bring the following to your attention:

  • At this time, our normal summer semester is disrupted. However, there is a possibility that is being explored that there may be a 5-week intensive summer semester that can be facilitated to support students who may need to complete their degree, all things being equal.
  • Our University’s most essential services will be maintained by skeleton staff, for example our farm at the Central Farm, our Security on our campuses, and the general maintenance of our campuses.
  • The Calabash Caye Field Station will be closed. The University of Belize Residence facilities like at the UB Central Farm, and the 96 Apartments in Belmopan that are used by student athletes will also be closed. Students are therefore asked to prepare to return to their places of residence this weekend. The Dean of Student Affairs will facilitate this.
  • Unfortunately, and regrettably, all sporting and other extracurricular activities are put on hold because of the potential risks to our University Community, e.g. The Relathon and our Faculty, Staff and Students’ Sports Day. We will advise on the resumption of these activities after we reopen.
  • On the matter of tuition and fees, please be assured that new deadlines will be given after we return to work, so that students, parents, and loved ones, focus on the immediate threat of COVID-19. Let your hearts not be troubled by this.
  • Our Director of the ICT has assured that our email system will not be disrupted. Further, he assured that “Google Hangouts” has been enabled for both Faculty, Staff and Students. This allows an additional form of communication. I wish to point out that once we resume our normal face-to-face and online classes on April 20, 2020, we will be moving towards exams beginning May 25, 2020.
  • All classes are suspended, whether online or normal face-to-face so as not to disadvantage any of our students academically. I am cognizant that many students to not have access to the internet or a reliable service, may not have laptops or computers and may not even have a smart phone. Informal communication between lecturers and students may occur as possible.
  • With respect to Faculty and Staff, our Directors of Finance and Human Resources are making the arrangements for normal salaries to be paid as usual and matters of sickness/insurance benefits, etc. that may arise will be addressed online. They will both be sending out further guidance on these matters in the next few days, as I may also have to do.

 Look my dear students and colleagues, we are all in a very challenging environment, that many of us have never experience in our lifetime. As I said earlier in one of my communications and in our flyers, we also have to be our “brother’s and sister’s keepers”. Hence, these best practices of hygiene, staying away from crowds and public events, maintaining social distance and following the recommended protocols if you are sick are once more emphasized. If you are sick, please visit a doctor!

As we heard from our Political Leaders of Belize, this is not a holiday but a time to stay safe and out of harm’s way for yourself, your family and your communities.

My advice, “hunker down” and make best use of this time students, including studies, revisions and assignments so that we can attain normalcy as quickly as possible when we return on April 20.

My best wishes to you and your loved ones at this very challenging time in Belize, the Caribbean and globally.


Professor Sankat

March 17, 2020


From the President’s Desk – Special Edition: The La Ruta Maya River Challenge 2020

UB Black Jaguars Places 1st in the Intramural Category

2020 La Ruta Maya River Challenge

The Annual La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge is the longest canoe race in Central America. Following the very same trading and commerce route as the ancient Mayas, the race begins at the Hawkesworth Bridge in San Igancio and ends at the river mouth of the Belize City harbour, with stops at Banana Bank, Double Head Cabbage and Burrell Boom.

This year, the race, which has evolved into an international event and has excited Belizeans alike since its inception in 1998, was held between March 6th – 9th. As customary, the University of Belize’s Black Jaguar Paddlers participated in this year’s race, where Anselmo Rash, Jeans Ba, and Pablo Manzanero, along with their coach, Mr. Claude Jones, placed FIRST in their category and 14th overall. Last year, our paddlers placed second. The entire journey spans approximately 180 miles, demanding superb physical aptitude, team work, tireless effort, resilience and determination.

The Office of Students Affair also championed our paddlers as they took a bus filled with students. These students camped out at the various stops as they followed the race from San Ignacio to Belize City and cheered and encouraged and supported the team.

The President of UB – Professor Clement Sankat, the Vice President of UB – Dr. Mariot Simon join UB’s Senior Management, the Faculty and Staff, students and the entire UB community in congratulating Anselmo, Jeans and Pablo on their merited triumph at this year’s 2020 La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge.

The President would also like to especially acknowledge Anselmo as this is his final year as a UB student and his last year representing the University in the race. “Anselmo, yours and your team’s accomplishment is as always impressive. You have represented the University exceedingly well and have made us all very proud. We wish you all the best and may today’s success be the foundation of tomorrow’s achievements.”

The University of Belize would also like to thanks Koop Sheet Metal and all our sponsors. Our participation would not have been successful without your generous support. Our Black Jaguar Paddlers deeply appreciate the willingness with which you have and continue to champion their efforts in not only participating in this competitive event, but also in allowing in the opportunity to be a part of a river tournament that contributes to Belize’s uniqueness in the world of sport.



San Ignacio’s Hawksworth Bridge

Beginning at 7:00 a.m. on March 6th, 2020, our three paddlers, Anselmo, Jeans and Pablo, who after months of grueling training and muscle cramps, were ready to face a four-day river challenge. The President of UB, faculty & staff and UB fans were present to cheer and encourage.

Banana Bank

Our Black Jaguars arrived at the Banana Bank’s finish line with a total time of 5hrs 53min and 14seconds.

Henderson Bank in Burrell Boom

On their arrival, the UB fan bus was already present chanting and cheering for the UB Black Jaguars. However, it was still positive news as we were still leading the intramural category and doing tremendously well overall. The UB Black Jaguars’ total paddling time spent for the leg was 6hrs 12min and 40seconds.

Bermudian Landing

As known, La Ruta Maya River Challenge is one of the world’s toughest and most historic river races. The fun and excitement keep attracting both local and foreign paddlers to participate in the 170-mile race. UB students came together from the three campuses countrywide to show their support to the paddlers representing the institution. Students who signed up for the trip had the chance to follow the race, watch it live, cheer for the UB Black Jaguars as a way of encouragement at each river bank and experience student life as a university student. The students and staff camped at Nature resort, Bermudian Landing.

Nature Resort is located in the Community Baboon Sanctuary along the historical Belize River Valley. At this resort, students were visited by nature – the black howler monkeys as well as many birds as parrots, seed eaters, jays, and kiskadees. The students also had the opportunity to form new friendships and learn more about Belize’s culture and wildlife preservation.

Belize City

Finally, the race that started three days prior was about to end and the paddlers were ready to give their all and remain on top. The UB Fan crew cheered the Black Jaguars till the very end as they followed the race by road. With excitement and joy, the UB Black Jaguars crossed the finish line with a total race time of 2hrs 48minutes for this final leg and an overall total race time of 20hrs 5min 11secs which placed them 14th overall and still 1st in their category. The UB Black Jaguars defeated the Maya Mopan Indian Chiefs who had a total race time of 22hrs 9 min 36 secs and Galen Eagles, 23hrs 31min 40 Seconds.

The UB Black Jaguar Paddlers, Anselmo Rash, Jeans Ba, and Pablo Manzanero received three laptops as prizes for school purposes as their winning price. They also won other cash prizes for being the first to arrive at the river banks in their category.

The UB Family congratulates our Black Jaguars for their exceptional performance, their prior training, endurance and determination in the La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge this past weekend. We are indeed proud of our Team and its coach, Mr. Claude Jones and all of his supporting crew. Well done!


UB Marketing & Communications Team

Mr. Oladipupo Ogunjobi, Ms. Santree Sandiford, and Mrs. Zayri Cocom

From the President’s Desk – January 6, 2020 – February 5, 2020

Bringing the Curtains Down on 2019

The President of the University of Belize, Professor Sankat, thanks all who attended the very festive celebratory party to end the year 2019, and thanks everyone for their tremendous support in making the event a success, especially the staff of the Office of the President for organizing the event, along with the Physical Plant and the Marketing & Communications teams.

President Sankat would once again like to congratulate all members of Faculty and Staff who received awards for their tremendous services to UB and noted the following special awards:

  1. Abbie Godoy, UB final year student, for being the first female recipient and the second in Belize of the prestigious Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholarship;
  2. Francis Burns & the Physical Plant Department for their steady commitment to the maintenance and upgrading of the physical infrastructure at all our campuses;
  3. George Gough, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Health and Chairman of the Belize Medical Council, for his steadfast support for the development of the Medical program (MBBS) at the University of Belize;
  4. Leolin Swift-Castillo, Former Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work over the period of 6 years and for her stellar contributions to the Faculty and the University; and
  5. Nectaly Vela, for his creative efforts and steady support of the Marketing & Communications function at the University (2009 – 2019) and for going beyond the call of duty


Happy New Year UB

Professor Sankat would like to welcome everyone to a new year and a new semester. Each New Year is an exciting time as it is filled with new goals, new hopes and much optimism. New students and faculty, new relationships, new scholarship and exciting new conversations illuminate our thinking and engage our community as renewed energy, enthusiasm and bold curiosity are unleashed.

This year is particularly special in that it will mark UB’s 20th Anniversary. Since the University opened its doors on August 1st, 2000, the goal has been to offer Belizeans an education and an

experience designed to be meaningful and memorable, scholarly and inclusive and reflective of our nation’s diverse community, our developmental and human resource needs and most importantly, to be true to our mission as a University in the service of our people.

President Sankat is extremely pleased to say that the University is well on its way to achieving its goal, and on behalf of the University’s Senior Management Team, he offers best wishes for a rewarding 2020.


New Students Orientation 2019-2

On January 7th, the University held its customary orientation session at its Belmopan Campus and welcomed new first year and transfer students along with their families to the National University. The day-long session was filled with exciting and information packed activities, which prepared students for their academic pursuits and initiated their integration into the University’s intellectual, cultural, and social climate. By the end of the day, students were familiarized with the campus, met with academic deans and faculty members, who shared detailed information about the various program of studies and was introduced to the co-curricular life of the institution, as well as the resources available for their success.

As noted by the Dean of Student Affairs, “Orientation is designed to assist incoming students in making the transition to the University of Belize and to help students feel like #UBelong at UB!”


UB announces the Promotion of Two Faculty Members

The University announced the promotion of two faculty members, Dr. Dion Daniels and Mr. Danladi Husaini. Dr. Daniels is a member of the Faculty of Science and Technology and has been promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and Mr. Husaini of the Faculty of Health Science has been promoted from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer.

They both went through a rigorous review process, and the UB congratulates them on their success. The President of UB, Professor Sankat, wishes both members of Faculty continued progress in the advancement of their careers and that of Research and Teaching at the UB.

An Afternoon of Music with Performances from Austria

On January 15th, UB was visited by renowned Austrian musical director Peter Illavsky and his friends: composer Akos Banlaky and violinist Jacqueline Kopacinski. The visit included a consultative session moderated by the Faculty of Education & Arts Lecturer, Dr Christopher De Shield, who engaged students, visitors, members of the Faculty and UB community.

The ensemble also gave an hour long performance and was joined by Belizeans, singer Kanie Herrera (a recent music program graduate), Loreto Pelayo (guitar), Belizean composer and musician Alex Evans, and Trinidadian singer Cherysh La Touche to perform original compositions of European and Caribbean character, showcasing unique possibilities for professional musicians and alliances between musical traditions. The UB community enjoyed this midweek musical interlude as a special student-hour entertainment treat.

UB Hosts its 2nd Annual Striping and Capping Ceremony for Nursing Students

On January 17th, the University hosted its Second Annual Striping Ceremony for our nursing students. This ceremony, which is seen as a symbolic rite of passage to the nursing practice, is held for nursing students before their first clinical experience. The event was held at the Jaguar Auditorium and was attended by Ms. Ann Matute, Deputy Director of Health Services and Mrs. Catherine Godinez, Registrar at the Nurses and Midwives Council of Belize, the President and the Vice President of UB.

This ceremony is of great significance to the student nurses as they do the Florence Nightingale Pledge, which instils selflessness to all who have chosen this path. The capping and striping ceremony means the students are now recognized by other members of the health fraternity and are ready to assume their responsibility to patients without failure or compromise.

Professors of Music from Scripps College & Chaffey College, California Visit UB as the University Plans to Begin a Program in Music

On January 17th and 18th, the University of Belize hosted a delegation of three distinguished research and teaching professors from Scripps and Chaffey Colleges in California, USA. The delegation was led by Dr Hao Huang, a world-renowned, Juilliard-trained concert pianist. He was joined by the choral and orchestral conductor Dr David Rentz, a Yale-trained conductor, as well as a composer-arranger and Dr Rachel Vetter Huang, a violinist, chamber musician and Harvard and SUNY-trained professor.

These professors conducted workshops in music and held a public concert dubbed “Life with Music: A Performance Event” at the George Price Centre for Peace and Development on the evening of Saturday 18th. The professors’ concert featured a lecture/masterclass portion detailing profuse evidence of the intellectual and social benefits music practice has that leads to personal and professional success, and a performance portion, featuring a fascinating repertoire of European Classical, American Romantic, and early 20th Century Jazz music.


UNICEF Country Representative visits UB

Ms. Susan Kassede, United Nations Children’s Funds (UNICEF) representative in Belize, visited the University of Belize to explore means and ways in which the University could collaborate in addressing issues of child violence.

The University with the support of UNICEF may provide training programs to alleviate societal issues facing young people and disadvantaged communities. This is an important area of work for our Faculties.


UB’s Central Farm Helps the Sheep Industry

The University of Belize’s Central Farm (UBCF) Campus recently partnered with the National Sheep and Goat Breeding Center to develop Belize’s sheep industry and to improve the centre’s farmer outreach programme. Daniel Juan, livestock lecturer at UBCF, is assisting the Centre in identifying and interviewing sheep farmers to determine how best both institutions can improve productivity and profitability for Belize’s sheep industry. At the end of this process, twelve small scale sheep farmers will be selected and improvement packages will be distributed. These packages will be tailored to meet specific needs such as nutrition, genetics, pasture management, internal parasite management and housing. Thus far, farmers have been very receptive of the outreach programme.

The President congratulates UBCF and encourages such outreach support to our production enterprises.

UB visits ECOSUR, Chetumal

The President of UB took a delegation of representatives from the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) and the Environment Research Institute (ERI) to El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR), Chetumal, Mexico. The visit was meant to develop collaborative relationships between ECOSUR and the University of Belize. There is a common mandate to develop knowledge and information through research on protecting our natural marine and terrestrial environments – the Riviera Maya – a marine environment of commonality shared with Belize and the Frontera Sur – the terrestrial environment.

Presentations were given by ECOSUR’s Director General Dr. María del Carmen Pozo de la Tijera, and other researchers. UB FST and ERI made presentations on their work. At the conclusion of the full-day meeting some areas of teaching, especially at the graduate level, were considered as well as common areas of research collaborations involving faculty and students of both institutions. These areas will be further developed by teams of both institutions. The next step forward will be the signing of a memorandum of understanding by both institutions.

President thanks the Mexican Embassy in Belmopan, especially Ambassador Agustin Maciel Padilla for the Embassy’s support in arranging this meeting.

The President also took the opportunity to pay a courtesy call on the new Secretary General at UQROO, Dra. Karina Amador Soriano. He was accompanied by Ambassador Agustin Maciel Padilla of the Mexican Embassy in Belmopan.

Belize Bank donates $50,000 to UB to Purchase Instruments for its Steel band – “UB Steel”

The University of Belize (UB) has been engaging with Belize Bank with respect to their support for a steel band orchestra for the University. UB is committed to develop the creative arts at our university and to give our young people the opportunity for building their knowledge and skills in music and its practice. The Belize Bank has generously made a grant of $50,000 BZ for the University to acquire outfits for a steel band orchestra. UB is in the process of purchasing pans for the band and you will hear more of this as we get our faculty, staff, students and alumni to become members of this band “UB Steel”.

The University also hired its first Music Lecturer, Mr. Alexander Evans, who will join UB at its Belmopan campus.

Interested players may contact the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr Martin Cuellar and/or Mr. Evans on this matter.

UB Makes Progress with the Medical School Building

President, Dr. George Gough, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Francis Burns, Director of Physical Plant, Projects and Facilities, and Mr. Arnulfo Kantun, Business Development Officer, toured the facilities under construction and met with the contractor. The team is very pleased with the progress to date and expect the building will be ready by the end of February this year.

The next big challenge for UB is to outfit this building with the laboratories and equipment required, not to mention the furniture, for faculty, staff and students.


UB continues to see progress with the India-Belize Centre for Engineering (IBCE) Project on the Belmopan Campus

After a hiatus of a few months, due to lack of a high voltage electrical supply to the IBCE Engineering buildings, and one that has now been corrected with the support of the Belize Electricity Limited, progress on the installation and commissioning of the equipment to support such knowledge and skills in welding, machining, carpentry, materials testing, and electrical power machines continues in full force.

The internal electrical wiring is now progressing and we expect all of these machines to be installed by the end of February. A team of experts from India (THMI) is facilitating this effort, led by CEO, Mr. Vaish. The President and the Honorary Consul of India to Belize, Mr. Arun Hotchandani welcomed Mr. Vaish and Mr. J.M. Kumar.

Progress at the Punta Gorda Campus

The University has hired a highly recognized contractor of Punta Gorda Town, Mr. Joaquin Aldana, who is in charge of the completion of this construction project.

Upon completion, this fit-for-purpose building will serve both as a space for two classrooms and as a meeting place for public forums, workshops etc., as we continue to improve the teaching and learning conditions at UB – Toledo.

A Visit from Professor in Surgery, UWI

President Sankat welcomed Professor Paul Ramphal, Professor in Surgery at the University of the West Indies, based in Bahamas. Professor Ramphal, a very distinguished clinician, gave a very

brief and informative presentation to the Vice President, Dr. Mariot Simon, Dean of Medicine, Dr. Lisa Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Ministry of Health, Dr. George Gough, and Dr. Adrian Coye of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, on reflections of “Medical Education for the 21st Century” so as to help guide UB as we establish the Bachelor in Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program.

Meeting with the UB Faculty and Staff Association Union

President and Senior Managers of UB welcomed the UB Faculty and Staff Association Union to a meeting on February 4, 2020. The short meeting touched on a number of ongoing matters pertaining to the establishment of the union as the collective bargaining entity for UB Faculty and Staff. The meeting also focused on the draft protocol to treat on future engagement.


UB meets with the Football Federation of Belize

UB’s Office of Institutional Advancement along with Coach Joseph Waight, had a working meeting with The Football Federation of Belize (FFB), led by its Secretary General, Mr Earl Jones and Ms Yasmin Quan, Mr Erwin Contreras and Mr Philip Marin.  The meeting focused on identifying areas for partnership and collaboration between UB and FFB. The aim of this collaboration is the overall development of sports to ensure sustainability and the expansion of a high performance program at the UB. The University is currently pursuing opportunities that will support an environment that will increase participation among students, infrastructure and human resource development and a drive for excellence, coupled with a coordinated sport program that promotes student development and progression to a higher level of performance and competition.


UB meets with University Management Limited at Central Information Technology Office

A team led by UB’s Chairman, GA Harrison Pilgrim, the President, Professor Sankat and the ICT Director, Mr. Abdulaziz Sanderson met with the members of University Management Limited, a private commercial registry established to manage Belize’s ccTLD “dot.BZ”. The meeting was chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Mrs. Deborah Domingo and was attended by officials of Central Information Technology Office (CITO), including the Chief Information Officer, Mr. Ian Smith and Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Mike Singh.

The meeting was meant to give a better understanding of the history and UB’s involvement, investment and returns from this Company that manages the Dot Belize domain. The discussions will continue.

Visit from EU-LAC Foundation

President Sankat met with Ms Paola Amadei, Executive Director of the European Union – Latin America and Caribbean Foundation (EU-LAC) on February 7, 2020.

The EU-LAC, established in Hamburg, Germany in 2011, was created by the Heads of State and Government of the European Union, Latin America, and the Caribbean, and recently transformed into an International Organization. The countries of both regions and the EU constitute its 62 members. The Foundation’s mission is to strengthen and promote the bi-regional strategic partnership, improving its visibility and encouraging the active participation of the respective civil societies.

The meeting explored ways in which UB can benefit from the EU-LAC Foundation and Ms. Amadei promised to link the UB to a few European partnerships that can support our efforts for teaching and research. She also presented the President with a book published by EU-LAC entitled “The Caribbean in the European Union-Community of Latin American and Caribbean States Partnership” by Annita Montoute, Andy Knight, Jacqueline Laguardia Martinez, Debbie Mohammed and Dave Seerattan, all from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.

UB Hosts the Belize TOO Education Expo 2020

On Wednesday February 5th, 2020 the University of Belize came to life when the Belize Tertiary Options and Opportunities (BTOO) Expo brought well over 3,000 high school students to the campus. The various faculties and departments collaborated and executed in full force. Commendations to the Faculties of: Management & Social Sciences, Science & Technology, Health Sciences, Education & Arts and Offices of: Records & Admissions, Student Affairs, Accounts and Library which adeptly managed and engaged potential students. Students had the opportunity to have individual engagement with faculty and staff; submit admissions packages; talk scholarship and campus life; meet and greet current students including our Student Athletes. The publicity garnered was tremendous and our prospects left well informed and equipped to make smart decisions to start their higher education at UB.

Thanks to all our UB faculty and staff and especially our students who contributed to the success of this massive event.

From the President’s Desk – December 19, 2019

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2020

Let me, on this last working day of Semester I, wish you all a happy and blessed holidays and my sincere best wishes for the New Year 2020 – one that is special as it will be UB’s 20th Anniversary.
I look forward to seeing all of you refreshed on January 6, 2020 – our first day back to work in the New Year.
I thank all of you for your commitment to UB in 2019.


For Your Tremendous Support – Thank You!

I send this newsletter out today (volume 26) with a sense of considerable sadness as Mr Nectaly Vela of the Marketing & Communications office is leaving UB at the end of today.

Nectaly has been supporting the University for a decade and since being on board as President, has been of tremendous support to me and has greatly lifted the University through his work in the Office. He has been instrumental to the various works of the office, including “From the President’s Desk”, the “UB Imprint” and the Annual Report (2017-18) amongst many other things.

I wish to thank him for his commitment, often beyond the call of duty, in supporting all our efforts to transform our National University. I am sure we will all miss his quiet presence at all our events, with his camera slung around his neck!

We wish Nectaly the best in his future endeavours, including his personal well-being. And though this is not a farewell but an “until we see you again,” it is also a best wishes for his new beginning and the many wonderful discoveries that awaits him on his new journey. We do wish to see him back at UB one day soon.

Thanks, Nectaly.

UNAN-Managua and UB Partner to Establish Belize’s First National Medical School

The University of Belize (UB) signed a first-of-its-kind cooperation agreement with the Autonomous University of Nicaragua – Managua (UNAN-Managua) with the mutual goal of developing Belize’s First National Medical School.

A collaborative effort between the two Universities, the Cooperation Agreement was signed Monday, December 2nd at the UB’s Belmopan Campus Conference Center by the President of the University of Belize, Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat and the Dean of the UNAN-Managua’s Faculty of Medical Science, Dr Freddy Meynard Mejia.

The Medical School at UB, under the Faculty of Health Sciences, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in August 2019, aims to meet the growing need for developing and training of local professionals and prospective students in the medical field, particularly Belizean trained doctors. This development will also seek to bolster health innovations, open new research pathways, and greatly enhance the exposure and involvement of our Faculty/Staff and Students in the positions of health care for Belizeans.

UB Student – Abbie Godoy – Named 2020 Rhodes Scholarship Winner

On Tuesday, November 27th, 2019 at the Barbados Governor’s House, the Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholarship Committee announced Abbie Godoy as the 2020 Recipient of the Prestigious Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholarship.

The first UB student to be chosen for this award and the first female winner, Abbie serves as the Program Director on the University’s Belmopan Student Government and is a final-year Bachelor of Art’s English major in the Faculty of Arts and Education (FEA), where she is expected to graduate in June 2020.

As a Rhodes Scholar, she will join an international cohort of outstanding scholars from more than 60 countries around the world and will pursue a graduate degree in Developmental Economics, which focuses on colonialism and the economy, specific to the developing world at the University of Oxford in England, commencing October 2020.

UB Staff on National Cricket Team Who Won Gold for Belize

Ms Lin Smith, a member of the Administration of the Belize National Cricket Team, went to Costa Rica and brought back gold. The team won 4 out of 5 games to clinched the first spot winning Gold.

The President congratulated Ms Lin Smith and the National Team on their triumph.

UB Releases its Annual Report 2017-18

The Annual Report 2017-18 has been released. It can be read

It was published by an in-house by University’s Marketing & Communications Team.

 UB Students Learn about the Credit Union Movement in the Caribbean and Belize

The Faculty of Management and Social Sciences organized a lecture on the November 21, 2019 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm at Jaguar Auditorium to enhance the students’ exposure to the financial sector as it relates to Credit Unions. The presenter, Mr Leopoldo Romero, is the General Manager of the Toledo Teachers Credit Union and President of the Belize Credit Union League (BCUL). He is also a Director on the Board of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU). The topic of the presentation was “The Credit Union Movement in Belize and the Caribbean”.

During his presentation, he explained about the local, regional, national and international credit union movement. He discussed various credit unions in Belize, highlighted the economic growth of credit unions and their financial performance. He also differentiated the ownership and benefits between commercial banks and credit unions.

UB Welcomes Dr Lisa Johnson as Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Lisa Johnson, MBBS, DM (Surg) was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), effective January 6th, 2020. She will also be an Assistant Professor in the Faculty.

As Dean, she will lead the development and implementation of the University’s ambitious plan for the future direction of its FHS – especially our National School of Medicine. She will provide leadership and oversight to grow and strengthen the Faculty’s healthcare programs in Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory, Midwifery, Social Work and other Allied Health areas and is expected to deepen our partnerships with Belize’s Health Care Industry.

UB Celebrates Garifuna Explosion

The Department of Student Services hosted its Garifuna Explosion under the gazebo at the Belmopan Central Campus on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, to celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day. The event included the sale of Garifuna cuisine, displays on different Garifuna cultural wear, musical instruments, etc. Booths from various local institutions such as the Institute for Social and Cultural Research and the Belize Archives and Record Services were also present to provide information on the history of the Garifuna. The highlight of the evening was the musical performance by “Lil Jun” as well as the drumming group.

The President congratulated the organizers of this event for showcasing the history, art, culture and cuisine of the Garifuna Community.

UB Students Learn about Customer Service

FMSS lecturer, Ms Audrey Pascascio, hosted a free four-week training on Customer Service, “Delivering Customer Service with Excellence”, which took place at the Belmopan Campus on November 2, 9, 16 and 23, 2019. A total of 32 students, from across faculties, successfully completed and received a certificate of participation upon completion.

The main objective of the program is to provide students with a more concentrated learning approach on specific topics that are directly relevant and can be applied to their professional lives after graduating. Training topics included Customer Service with Excellence, writing resume & cover letter, preparing for job interviews, key marketing techniques, interpersonal skills, goal setting and professional etiquette.

President Sankat congratulates Ms. Pascascio for the training of our students.

UB Hosts 2019 Hour of Code

The University of Belize Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter hosted an Hour of Code event on December 13, 2019. Primary and secondary students participated in the event and learned that coding can be fun. The students were shown videos of celebrities like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg speaking on the importance of computing; the ACM students also presented on the everyday use of computer science. The highlight of the event was when students were given tutorials at the “beginner” and “intermediate” levels. Each student was given a certificate after completing their tutorial.

UB Celebrates Diabetes Day 2019

On November 14th, the University celebrated World Diabetes Day to increase diabetes awareness among students, faculty and staff and to promote early diagnosis and a better adherence to lifestyle modifications and medications.

The event included posters depicting the causes, signs and symptoms, and treatment options available for diabetes patients. Students also distributed sugar free foods stuffs, natural fruit juices safer in diabetic patients and exhibited few vegetables and traditional diabetic dietary options proven to be effective. As part of health screening activity, students promoted self-monitoring of blood glucose using glucometer and calculated their body mass indices.

The day was also enriched with presentations by some of our partners – Ministry of Health, Belize Diabetes Association – Belmopan Branch, Pathlight, Ministry of Agriculture and also the Belize Marketing and Development Cooperation. Some demonstrations included a few simple physical examination skills that could help pharmacist students to assess diabetes complications such as diabetic retinopathy and diabetic neuropathy and educating and encouraging the UB community on how to garden for healthier eating habits.

PAHO Donates Medical Books to UB

On November 20, 2019, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) signed an agreement with the University of Belize for the donation of medical books for the University.

The agreement was signed by President Sankat and PAHO/WHO representative in Belize, Dr Noreen Jack.

The textbook name is Medical-Surgical Nursing 13th Edition, which was written by Janice L. Hinkle and Kerry H. Cheever.

UB Lecturer, Dr. Romaldo Lewis, Publishes Book

Dr Romaldo Lewis, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Management and Social Science recently published a book entitled “Enterprise classification. A Financial perspective.”

His book discusses the need for statistical census for enterprises, including the need for financial indicators that can be used to classify firms for statistical validation from an analytical perspective, with an aim to identify the major constraints, determine the nature as well as the constraint levels that limit the creation, promotion, and growth of the Enterprises in Belize.

UB Central Farm Meets with World Bank to Discuss Climate Smart Agriculture Training

A team from the World Bank has been engaging the University of Belize and in particular the University of Belize’s Central Farm (UBCF) on possibilities for the University’s involvement in a project related to training in Climate and Agriculture. They made two visits on October 2, 2019 and on November 13, 2019, accompanied by others of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development. The UBCF also received officers from the Resilient Rural Belize Office, led by Soulemane Fofana, who provided guidance on a possible project also designed to assist with Climate Smart Agriculture for Belize.

Annual Senior Management Meeting with Deans, Senior Managers and Student Government Leaders

The President met with Deans and other administrative managers at the Annual Senior Management Meeting held at the beginning of the semester. Some student government leaders were also invited.

The meeting also focused on the challenges our students were facing with tuition, infrastructure matters and adequacy of teaching services, as well as new program developments, new sites for delivery and opportunities. The President urged Deans and Chairs to monitor and ensure that our students receive the assistance necessary for quality education.

UB Hosts First Annual GIS Symposium

On November 15th, the Faculty of Science and Technology, along with its partners, held its First Annual GIS symposium, demonstrated the exciting and innovative ways that geographic information science and its technologies are contributing towards to Belize’s development in areas such as public health, telecommunications, agriculture and natural resource management. The symposium promoted the deliberate integration of GIS and its technologies in research, education, and application activities at UB and with our non-academic partners and how same can be used to address societal issues. The day was filled with presentations of individual projects and lines of scholarly activity being undertaken by Faculty and students that model the specialty’s convergent practices and included presentations by some of our partners – Ministry of Health, Belize Telemedia Limited, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry and the Environment, Belize Electricity Limited and Coastal Zone Management.

The President congratulates Dr. Santos Chicas for his steadfast commitment to the GIS and its applications in Belize and for all his efforts in training in this area.

UB President Attends CICan Meeting in Winnipeg, Canada

The President represented UB at the meeting of Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) that was convened to further advance the Skills to Access the Green Economy (SAGE) Project. There were representations from other Caribbean Institutions like Jamaica, Guyana, Dominica, and St Lucia.

At this meeting, the President, together with Dr Margarita Gomez of the Ministry of Education (representing ITVETs) interviewed three Canadian Groups of Institutes, so as to select a Canada partner for the UB/ITVETs Project.

From these three, the CICan contracted Vancouver Island University of Nanaimo, Parkland College of Saskatchewan and Marine Institute – Memorial University of St. John’s as our partners for the 3-year project to support training in Climate Smart Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries from the ITVETs to the UB (Associate Degree level). The project moves now into a more detailed planning phase with all the partners.

UB Black Jaguars Basketball Team Wins 2019 ATLIB Championships

The University of Belize’s Black Jaguars won the national female basketball championship for the second year in a row. The competition, which was organized by the Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB), was hosted by Independence Junior College on November 23rd.

UB dominated the Southern Regional Champions, Ecumenical Junior College, 44-2 and the Central Zone champions, St. John’s Junior College, 50-4 in the finals.

UB’s No.7 Delta Flores won the Most Valuable Player award for the second year in a row! The team was presented with a team trophy and individual medals.

The President congratulated our female basketball team on their stellar achievement, and also thanks the coach and the Dean of Student Affairs for their support of this successful effort.

UB Engineering Students Participate in Macaroni Competition in Chetumal

For the 9th year in a row, UB’s Engineering students participated in the the “XXI Concurso De Diseno Y Construccion De Modelos Estructurales, VII Su Fase Internacional”, hosted by the Instituto Tecnologico De Chetumal (ITCH) in Quintana Roo Mexico. The objective is to challenge student teams to design framed structures given limitations in time, size and type of materials and according to precise specifications. Models were rated according to efficiency in loading and best design. This year, students had 12 hours to build a first floor platform (slab) from round flag sticks, popsicle sticks, tooth picks, string and wood glue.

UB President meets with UB’s Student Government in Punta Gorda

The President, Vice President and the Director of Physical Plant, travelled to Punta Gorda and met with students of the Student Government Association. At the very fruitful meeting, the SGA outlined the work they were doing in PG to support student activities outside of the classroom. They also indicated what some of their developmental plans were for the immediate future to enhance the campus. The President and the Vice President thanked this group of very dedicated students on their work and pledged the support for their efforts.

The President and Vice President also met with the Campus Administrator and some faculty and staff.

UB President meets with Belmopan and Belize City Student Governments

Similarly, the President and the Dean of Student Affairs met with Student Government leaders from Belize City and Belmopan and reviewed concerns of our students – teaching effectiveness, quality, infrastructure and finances.

All these matters are being addressed.

Presentation of the Book “Chronology of the Americas” XIX-XX Centuries

The President was invited by the Ambassador of Mexico to Belize, Ambassador Carlos Quesnel Melendez, to a book launch. The book “Cronología de América” was published by Siglo XIX. The University of Belize, under former President Alan Slusher, had agreed to support this publication, where Ms Francine Sabal and the late Mr. Joseph Sampson were contributing authors.

President Sankat congratulated them and the Ambassador on this fine output. A set of such books were presented to the President, which are lodged in the UB Library.

UB Hosts Annual Science Open Day

On November 22nd, under the theme “Using Scientific Approach to Improve Stewardship of our Water Resources,” the Faculty of Science and Technology held its Annual Open Day. The purpose of the open day was to display the different, interesting and interactive applications in science to sustainably manage our water resources. Popular stops for many of the day’s visitors included the wine distillery and the yogurt factory. Visitors were also drawn to the electricity and magnetic experiments. An important addition to the open day was the robotics obstacle experiment, which had visitors amazed and entertained as IT students engaged in programming instructions in real time.

Different organizations such as Association of Protected Areas Management (APAMO), Oceana and Belize Natural Energy were also present and aided in demonstrating how the theoretical knowledge and concepts learned in science education translated into application and real world scenarios.

UB’s Lecturers Article Published by the American Research Institute for Policy Development  

UB’s Ms Karen Bautista, Ms Angela Reyes and Dr Thippichetti Thiagarajan produced an article, “Study on the Microbial Quality of Edible Green Vegetables and Methods to Eliminate the Microorganisms by Using Domestic Antiseptic Products,” which was then published in December 2019 by the American Research Institute for Policy Development.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of the microbial populations in select vegetable and to find an effective and affordable method to eliminate the microbial contaminants without affecting the taste or quality of the product by using household products.

The full document can be read at:

The President congratulates the authors on their fine effort.

UB meets with Texas Chamber of Commerce 

UB’s Department of Institutional Advancement met with the Texas Chamber of Commerce on December 4, 2019 to discuss possible collaborations for the building of student houses and a University Hotel.

UB meets with Nova Southeastern University

On Wednesday, 4th December, UB’s FEA Administrators and Vice President convened a meeting with Dr. Armando Rodriguez, Executive Director for the Latin American Educational Programs of Nova Southeastern University.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the possibility of UB supporting Nova Southeastern University with the delivery of a Master’s of Science in Education and Doctor of Education programs.

Dr. Rodrigruez shared his proposal for this initiative, which outlined a number of areas of specialization for both programs. He emphasized that all proposed programs are accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Universities (SACS) and by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Estimated costs and duration for the programs were discussed as well as the extent to which Nova Southeastern University is willing to contribute, in order for these programs to materialized. The major benefit to UB is that our lecturers will be afforded the opportunity to teach in these programs, thus building capacity in the delivery of graduate programs. The meeting concluded with our University team agreeing to review the proposal for further discussion in the future.

From the Marketing & Communications Department
Happy Holidays!

From the President’s Desk – November 15, 2019

UB Installs its New Board of Trustees

The University of Belize (UB) wishes to announce the installation of its Board of Trustees (BOT) for its new term in office.

At the November 8th, 2019 Inaugural meeting, Mr. G. A. Harrison Pilgrim was unanimously re-elected as Chairman of the Board, while Mr. Lynn Young was elected as its Vice Chairman, also unanimously. The meeting and election of the Board Chairman was conducted by Board Secretary, Professor Clement Sankat, who noted “We are excited to welcome our four newest Board members as well as those who have been reappointed. They all bring leadership and experience in key areas that are essential to our operations and strategy – present and future. They embody the spirit of community and bring expertise and energy to our Board and its deliberation. We are very fortunate to have them as we continue to build and strengthen our UB community.”

The Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Youth, Sports & Culture, joined the meeting after the elections and congratulated the members of the BOT on their appointment or re-appointment and pinned each member of the Board with UB’s Distinctive Lapel Pin.

The members of the University of Belize’s Board of Trustees are:

Returning Members:
Mr. Harrison Pilgrim (Chairman), Representative – Minister of Education
Mr. Lynn Young (Vice Chairman), Representative – Industry Sector
Dr. Fred Shyu, Representative – Belize Council of Churches
Mr. Gaspar Martinez, Representative –Agriculture Sector
Mr. Luke Palacio Representative, – National Trade Union Congress of Belize
Ms. Darlene Vernon Representative, – UB Alumni Association
Dr. Sharmayne Saunders, Representative – ATLIB
Dr. June Young Representative, – UB Faculty
Mrs. Deborah Domingo Representative, – Ministry of Education

Newly Appointed Members:
Mr. Belarmino Esquivel, Representative – Ministry of Agriculture
Dr. Oxaka Tehu ax’Oxo, Representative – Non-Governmental & Belize Network of NGOs
Mr. Jalen Good, Representative – UB Student Government
Dr. George Gough, Representative – Ministry of Health

Non-voting Members of the Board
Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat UB President & Secretary to the Board
Ms. Denise Robinson Recording Secretary

Preceding the formal Board meeting, the Conference Centre was blessed by Reverend Lizbeth Tulloch of St. Ann’s Anglican Church, Belmopan. The President sincerely thanks the Chaplain for supporting UB. The Order of the Blessing can be found at

UB Holds Third Annual Endowment Fete with Rossy War at Orange Walk Town

The President of the University of Belize, Professor Clement Sankat, would like to express his profound thanks to all those who supported the 3rd Annual President’s Endowment Fund Fete, which was held on Saturday October 26th, 2019 at the Muffles College Auditorium.

President Sankat wishes to pay particular tribute to the University’s many sponsors, especially Cuello’s Distillery, Love FM, Dibary, Belikin Beer/Bowen and Bowen, Becol, the Guardian newspaper, the Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Kevin Bernard, the staff at the Mayor’s office, the Principal of Muffles Junior College, Ms. Maria Johnston and our Chairman of the UB Board of Trustees, Mr. Harrison Pilgrim, without whose generous support, the success of this event would not have been achieved.

The University had a successful Fete with great and incredibly entertaining music: Rossy War and her troupe from Peru, Gilharry 7 and Super Furia. They all did an excellent job. The crowd danced and swayed in unison to the music into the night.

The President also wishes to thank all his Faculty, staff, management team and in particular all the UB student government who worked tirelessly and demonstrated exceptional commitment to making this event a success.

More importantly, the President would like to say thanks to all who purchased tickets for this worthy cause. There is much good will for our National University. The University and especially our students are grateful for your support, as all proceeds from this event will go to making scholarships/bursaries available to deserving students to pursue higher education at UB.
Once more, thanks to all who made this event a success and as we enter into UB’s 20th Anniversary in 2020, we look forward to seeing you at our 4th Annual Fete, which promises to be even bigger and better!

We will see you in 2020!

UB Awards Eleven (11) Students with the Lorenzo Cacho Scholarships and Four (4) Students with UB Endowment Fund Bursaries

On Friday, October 11th, the University of Belize (UB) awarded fifteen deserving students currently enrolled at the University of Belize with scholarships and bursaries for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Under the Lorenzo Cacho Scholarship scheme – the first big benefaction of this kind for the University – UB welcomed its first cohort of recipients. Eleven students were provided with full scholarships and stipends to complete their studies at the National University. These students are – Shantel Andrews, Zair Aragon, Catherine Camal, Roberto Can, Cassandra Lewis, Elsie Moralez, Saijah McNab, Ian Oliva, Alson Ovando, Elder Quewell and Thaina Vasquez.

This scholarship fund was established in honor of Mr. Cornelius Cacho, a Belizean economist, who worked with the World Bank’s International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBDR). Deeply committed to the improvement of disadvantaged Belizeans, Mr. Cacho endowed the University with $250,000 BZD as a way to increase access to a UB education. This fund will provide significant financial aid in the coming years to students enrolled in their final two years of their undergraduate studies to help them complete their education at the University. It is awarded based on financial need, academic excellence and specific program enrolment in the areas of Science and Technology.

In the same spirit of opening the doors of opportunity, the University also awarded its second cohort of students with bursaries from the University’s Endowment Fund. Each bursary is tenable for one academic year and covers tuition only for twelve (12) credits per semester. These four (4) students – Olivia Sho, Jason Reyes, Jamilet Campos and Steven Palma – were selected based on financial need and academic excellence.

UB hosts Naming Ceremony in honour of the late Gian Gandhi, S.C.

The University of Belize (UB) held a Naming Ceremony for its Faculty of Management and Social Science (FMSS) Building at its Belize City Campus on Friday, October 25th, 2019. University Leadership, Faculty, staff, administration, government officials, students, community members and family members attended this historic ceremony to celebrate the legacy of Belize’s late and former Solicitor General and Senior Crown Counsel, Gian Gandhi, who made a significant financial contribution to the University to be placed in an endowment fund. Guests included Financial Secretary – Joseph Waight, who gave a moving tribute to Mr. Gandhi, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Belize – Mr. G.A. Harrison Pilgrim and Commissioners and staff of the International Financial Services Commission.

Keynote address was given by Mr. Gandhi’s niece, Ms. Shefalika Gandhi and her two children, who noted Mr. Gandhi’s ardent and effective advocacy for education and for the role of the University of Belize in developing Belize.

UB Wins ATLIB Volleyball Championship

The University of Belize’s Jaguars won the national men’s volleyball championship organized by the Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) at the San Pedro High School auditorium on Ambergris Caye on Saturday, October 26. The UB men prevailed over the Northern regional champions, the Corozal Junior College Scorpions, 2-0 in the finals.

Dean Froylan Gilharry of the host, San Pedro Junior College, presented team trophies and individual medals to the champions, sub-champions and third place winners. UB’s Edgar Martinez won the Most Valuable Player award.

The President, Professor Sankat extends his sincere congratulations to our Winning Men’s team and also commends our Women’s team on their efforts.

Engineering Students Build Strong Bridges in Macaroni Competition

The University hosted its 11th Annual Macaroni Competition on October 24th and 25th at our Engineering Campus on Freetown Road in Belize City. The competition, which challenges our student teams to apply engineering theories and concepts when designing framed structures given limitations in time, size, type of materials and specifications, saw 10 student groups, each having four students, competing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.

The team of Karina Ayala, Wilber Cardoza, Christopher Heredia and Nicholas Ozaeta won first place with their bridge design weighing at 1.4752 Kg, with an efficiency rating of 1.71 and withstood a load of 31.90kg, to score top marks of 61.23 pts. Second place winners with a score of 59.35 pts were Jefferson Spencer, Steve Anthony, Jamie Pook and Varsha Landaverde, weighing at 1.6333Kg, with an efficiency rating of 1.54. It withstood a load of 33.90kg. Finally, Amiri Hoare, Andres Grajalez, Martin Sanabria and Jamir Smith built a box trestle design that weighed 1.6667kg with an efficiency rating of 1.51. It withstood a load of 33.90kg to score 57.60 pts – the competition third place winners.

The first and second place winners will represent UB and Belize at the “XXI Concurso De Diseno Y Construccion De Modelos Estructurales, VII Su Fase Internacional”, hosted by the Instituto Tecnologico De Chetumal (ITCH) in Quintana Roo Mexico in November.

UB Hosts Second Caribbean Studies Forum

On October 10th -12th, the University of Belize’s Department of Languages & Litera¬ture in the Faculty of Education & Arts hosted the 2nd International Conference of the Caribbean Studies Forum. The event, born of a collaboration between East Carolina University and the University of Belize), took place over the three days at the central campus in the former bookstore. The conference aimed to expand awareness of Caribbean cultures, provide a platform for interdisciplinary Caribbean Studies research projects, connect a diverse body of academics (North-South and South-South), and promote the field of interdisciplinary Caribbean Studies in general; it showcased diverse responses to the call for papers under the theme: Writing/Righting/Rite-ing/Wright-ing the Caribbean | |.

The conference featured over thirty local and international presenters of high-calibre from at least fifteen different academic institutions organised into eleven differently-themed panel sessions. Prof. Seodial Frank Deena (East Carolina University) introduced the Caribbean Studies Forum and Dr Janeen Quiroz (University of Belize) gave the keynote address on the subject of multicultural approaches to education. Also, through the gracious assistance of the National Heritage Library, video recordings of the conference presentations are available as a permanent record and reference for students and the general public.

UB and EJC signs Memorandum of Agreement

On October 15, 2019 the University of Belize (UB) and Ecumenical Junior College (EJC) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (“MOA”) for Institutional Cooperation. The purpose of this Agreement is to define the areas for academic cooperation, collaboration and interaction between the two institutions.

The objective of this Agreement is to enhance the learning opportunities available to students and residents of Dangriga and surrounding areas the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Bachelor Degree in Primary Education and Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education, beginning January 2020.

It is expected that through this agreement, EJC will service as a satellite center for UB and both institutions will use their efforts and resources to strengthen their partnership in the common interest.

The President congratulates Deans Dr. Nestor Chan and Dr. Bernard Watler and their respective Faculties, Faculty of Education and Arts and Faculty of Management and Social Sciences for this creative effort.

UB Students Celebrate World Food Day

The University of Belize’s Central Farm Campus participated in World Food day celebrated under the theme “Our Actions Are Our Future, Healthy Diets, #zerohungerworld.” Activities were organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ladyville Technical High School and hosted in Ladyville. The UBCF used the opportunity to promote the importance of agriculture education and the need to empower our youths to be innovative contributors to the sustainable development of agriculture in Belize.

Ambassador of Venezuela H.E. Gerardo Argot Visits UB

H.E. Gerardo Argot, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, paid a courtesy call to the President of UB on October 18, 2019. He used the opportunity to speak on the current situation in Venezuela. He also spoke on the opportunities for the UB to collaborate with Venezuelan universities in various areas. The President urged the Ambassador to consider sending Venezuelan professionals and academics seeking English Language training to our Regional Language Center (RLC).

President Meets with Representatives from University of Guyana

The Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Lawrence Lewis and Dr. Elroy Charles, Head of Agriculture Department and Senior Lecturer of the University of Guyana (UG) visited the UB and the UB Central Farm Campus (UBCF) to explore opportunities for collaboration between UG’s Faculty of Agriculture and UBCF. They were part of the CARICOM members who participated in the recent meeting of Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) hosted by the Government of Belize – Ministry of Agriculture.

UB Participates in Fifth Binational Seminar in ECOSUR, Quintana Roo

The Binational Seminar Mexico-Belize was developed to enhance Academic Cooperation between Mexico and Belize with the long-term goal of institutionalizing education and research exchanges between academic institutions of both countries. This year the Embassy of Mexico in Belize (EMBAMEX), The College of the Southern Border (ECOSUR-Chetumal), the University of Quintana Roo (UQROO), the University of Belize (UB), and the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT) came together again to organize the 5th Binational Seminar themed “Water as a strategic resource: multidisciplinary perspectives for a shared region” held at Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico at ECOSUR-Chetumal Campus. on October 23-25, 2019.

UB students and a lecturer from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Belize were presenters at the 5th Binational Seminar. The presentations were from the following thematic areas: Watershed Management Water and Human Health, Water Governance, and Water Treatment. Pparticipants from UB were Ms. Lysandra Chan and Ms. Yi-Jui Chen who are recent UB graduates from the Bachelor Degree in Biology Program; Mr. Nathaniel Castillo is a UB student in the Bachelor Degree in Natural Resource Management Program; and Mr. Josué Aké is a lecturer in the Department of Science of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

The President congratulated Mr. Ake and his students for representing the UB at the Regional Conference.

President Sankat also attended the Meeting of Mexican Rectors/Heads of Institutions in the planning of the Binational Seminar Series that was chaired by the Mexican Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Carlos Quesnel. President also spoke at the Opening Ceremony of the Seminar on the increasing challenges for water in the 21st century.

Agriculture Investment Mission 2019 from the ROC (Taiwan) /Agriculture Development in Belize

The President of the University of Belize, on the invitation of BELTRAIDE, moderated a session for the visiting delegation, representatives from the Republic of China (Taiwan) on investment opportunities for food and agriculture in Belize. At the opening panel the panellists were Dr. Leroy Almendarez, Executive Director, BELTRAIDE; Mr. Lincoln Blake, Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce; Mr. Jose Alpuche, CEO, Ministry of Agriculture and Mr. Andy Sutherland, Directorate General for Foreign Trade.

Kun Shan University Visits UB

Representatives of Kun Shan University of the Republic of China (Taiwan) paid a courtesy call on the President of the UB on October 28, 2019. Kun Shan University signed an agreement with UB in 2016. The President and the delegation led by Dean, Office of Continuing and Extended Education, Mr. Bill Chuang, spoke at length on how the agreement shared can be made to work to bring value to both institutions. Mr. Chuang was accompanied by Nai-Hui Yeh (Ann), Chief of the International Exchange Division and Virginia Ya-Chen, First Secretary of the Embassy of Republic of China (Taiwan).

Coastal Awareness Week Opened at UB

The Coastal Awareness Week 2019 was opened at the University of Belize on October 29, 2019. At the meeting, hosted by the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute, of which Dr. Leandra Cho-Ricketts serves as a Board Member, our Faculty and students made a poster presentation. They were as follows: Mr. Ian Oliva, Ms. Esther Hernandez, Mr. Kelvin Requena and Ms. Carrisa Sabido.
This was also the first occasion our new Conference Center was rented for a function. Dr. Latha Thamas and her students planted plants for the Conference Center.

The President congratulated and thanks our students for showcasing their research at this Conference and once more saluted Dr. Latha Thomas and her students for beautifying our Campus at Belmopan.

UB Lecturer Attends Global Conference on Business and Economics in Turkey

Ms. Cindy Thompson, Lecturer in the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, was part of the Global Conference on Business and Economics (GLOBE) which was represented by 23 plus countries. This conference took place during the period of September 30 – October 3, 2019 at Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey. There were various workshops, keynote speeches, refereed presentations and other academic activities.

Students Install Signs of Animals on Campus

Twelve new, colourful and educational Animal signs are placed in UB Belmopan Campus as part of the Campus beautification efforts. The signs on birds in the campus and on animals named after the buildings on the campus are part of student projects for the class of Natural History of Vertebrates (BIOL3352) taught by Dr. Latha Thomas. This is part of the University’s beautification efforts and aimed at educating the community on the animal biodiversity of the Campus and Belize and their importance.

The President congratulates Dr. Thomas for her steady work on the beautifying the Campus.

Climate Change Adaptation Planning for the Coastal Zone Award Ceremony

The University of Belize Environmental Research Institute (ERI) with support from the Inter-American Development Bank facilitated a training program, which sought to build local capacity on the management of natural and climate hazards along the Belize’s coastal zone by providing awareness and knowledge on the planning, design and execution of risk-resilient, coastal protection infrastructure and sustainable land-use policy and practices.

On November 7, 2019 an award ceremony was held to recognized the participants. A total of 28 participants attended the module(s) with three (3) participants receiving distinction. Plaques were issued to the three top performers, these are Tristan Usher, Erwin Contreras, and Lucien Chung.

This was a historic occasion where the UB ERI is leading the effort to train and educate our professionals in Coastal Zone Engineering and Management. The President was gratified to see the many Engineers, Architects and Scientists who took the training. He was very pleased to see a few Belizean graduates of UWI’s Faculty of Engineering, St. Augustine, where a graduate program in Coastal Zone Engineering was developed and that one of the Lecturers from the Program, Dr. Deborah Villarroel Lamb delivered a number of teaching modules on Coastal Engineering at the workshop. The President thanked the IDB and its Belizean Country Representative, Dr. Cassandra Rogers for its support, and the UB-ERI for its foresight, planning and execution of this important area of training!

UB Welcomes Ladyville Technical High School

Fourth Form Students from Ladyville Technical High School visited the University of Belize on October 30, 2019. They were warmly welcomed by Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat, Dr. Martin Cuellar, faculty, staff and students. They learned about the opportunities UB offers for their professional training and growth and also toured the campus.

Two New Sea Cucumber Journal Publications by Dr. Arlenie Rogers

For the past 7 years, Dr. Arlenie Rogers, marine researcher at the UBERI has studied various aspects of sea cucumbers in Belize. Dr. Rogers has published her research results with a team of international researchers and with UB B.Sc. Biology students. Her two most recent publications published this semester and last semester are summarized here.

Two new publications
1. Earthquake induces mass spawning event in two coral-reef in coral-reef sea cucumber species in Belize. Hidrobiolica 29(1): 49-51. This paper documents for the first time, magnetic influence on echinoderm reproduction.

2. Change in length and weight of Holothuria mexicana sea cucumber during processing. Journal of Caribbean Environmental Science and Renewable Energy 2: 1-8. This paper discusses the quality of processed sea cucumber and the percent of water lost during processing before being exported and their implications for illegal fishing.

Primary and High School Mathematics Teachers Learn about Connecting Concepts and Mathematical Visualization

The Mathematics Department at UB hosted a one-day workshop for primary and high school teachers on Friday, November 1st, 2019 at UB’s Jaguar Auditorium. Dr. Joel Helms (Fulbright scholar) facilitated a workshop on ‘Connecting Mathematical Concepts with Procedures’ from 9:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. and Mr. Andres Ramirez (Full-time lecturer) facilitated a workshop on ‘Mathematical Visualization’ from 1:45 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. There were 47 primary school teachers in attendance at the morning session with an additional 13 participants which included UB Math Education students and a few high school teachers who sat in to observe. There were also 14 high school teachers as well 6 UB Math Education/Math students attending the afternoon session. This is the first in what is expected to be an annual event as well as a precursor to a weeklong workshop being planned for next Summer. Details of the Summer 2020 workshop will be made available as soon as possible.

UB Partners with Silver Oaks Consulting to Deliver Online Courses

The University of Belize in collaboration with the Silver Oaks Hospitality Solutions Consultancy have teamed up to offer a first ever of its kind in Belize, online self-paced courses in Hotel Finance for Accountants, Industrial Controllers, who want to become fully prepared in Hotel Accounting and Finance, and Hotel Finance for Non Finance Managers for General Managers, Heads of Departments/Managers who want to gain a better understanding of their operation financials.

These courses are designed to bridge the gaps between theoretical school learning and the financial reality operating hotels are facing daily. These short courses are self-instructional modules that will run for a 6 to 12-week period beginning 2020. Hotel Finance will run for 8 to 12 weeks while Hotel Finance for Non-Financial Managers will take courses for 6 weeks. These courses are designed to meet each participant’s needs through a mix of online course, experience sharing, real life discussions, lectures, spot-on coaching and mentoring that are geared towards empowering the participants!

So for those wishing to navigate the financial world with ease, wanting to become a trusted financial leader desiring the ability to speak and understand the business language of hotels and possessing the ability to make a difference, these courses are for you.

For more information, please contact Dr. Frieda Palma at The President is looking forward to a successful partnership with the private sector in this endeavour.

IICA Workshop on Sustainable Development

The President congratulated the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture for its workshop on Bioeconomy led by Dr. Elizabeth Hodson de Jaramillo of Colombia and an international Consultant for Biotechnologies. The workshop focused on “Bioeconomy: The best choice for the Sustainable Development Goals.” The President endorses this developmental strategy and Dr. Hodson presented a copy of her book on “Bio-economy New Framework for Sustainable Growth in Latin America”. The President wishes to share with you Dr. Hodson’s presentation entitled, “Bioeconomy: The best choice for the Sustainable Development Goals” available at, and thank Mr. Willie Chan of IICA for inviting him to meet with Dr. Hodson.

President Meets with Representatives from OAS

The President met with David Benavides, Director and Paola Siera, Social Projects Officer from Organization of American States that are managing projects on the Adjacency Zone. The courtesy visit was to explain opportunities for research on matters pertaining to the Adjacency Zone and on opportunities for training students to the University level. We expect to hear more of this.

Update on Medical School Building

Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat, Dr. George Gough, CEO of the Ministry of Health and Chair of the Belize Medical Council, Mr. Francis Burns and Mr. Arnulfo Kantun toured the construction site for the Medical School Building and reviewed progress to date. The contractor, Mr. Manuel Iraheta was also engaged and overall the works are progressing very satisfactorily with building completion expected in the next three months.

UB Names Building in Honor of Benefactor the late Gian Gandhi

The University of Belize (UB) held a Dedication Ceremony for its Faculty of Management and Social Science (FMSS) Building at its Belize City Campus on Friday, October 25th, 2019. University Leadership, Faculty, staff, administration, government officials, students, community members and family members attended this historic ceremony to celebrate the legacy of Belize’s late and former Solicitor General and Senior Crown Counsel, Gian Gandhi, who made a significant financial contribution to the University to be placed in an endowment fund. Guests included Financial Secretary – Joseph Waight, who gave a moving tribute to Mr. Gandhi, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Belize – Mr. G.A. Harrison Pilgrim and Commissioners and staff of the International Financial Services Commission.

Keynote address was given by Mr. Gandhi’s niece, Ms. Shefalika Gandhi and her two children, who noted Mr. Gandhi’s ardent and effective advocacy for education and for the role of the University of Belize in developing Belize. Therefore, this naming ceremony recognized Mr. Gandhi’s philanthropic contributions to the University as well as his years of service to Belize.


The Gian Chand Gandhi Building November 11, 2019
The Gian Chand Gandhi Building November 11, 2019
The Gian Chand Gandhi Building November 11, 2019

From the President’s Desk – October 10, 2019

New Students Inducted at Matriculation Ceremonies in Belmopan (September 25, 2019) and Belize City (September 26, 2019) with Hon. Tracey Taeger-Panton and Ambassador Joy Grant Respectively

The University held its Third Matriculation Ceremonies in Belmopan and Belize City. Stirring addresses were given by Hon Tracy Taegar-Panton, Minister of State in the Ministry of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce and Ambassador A. Joy Grant, Governor of the Central Bank of Belize at the Jaguar Auditorium, Belmopan Campus and Bliss Center for the Performing Arts, Belize City respectively. Both speakers exhorted students to use their time wisely in their formative years at UB. Their speeches will be published and shared with the community and general public.

The President warmly congratulated the 1, 150 new students and our total student population of 5000+ for their confidence in the University of Belize as their choice for tertiary education.

The President thanks students, their parents/guardians, the Student Government, faculty and staff, the Board of Trustees and the two distinguished speakers for making both ceremonies a resounding success.

Retreat for Senior Managers of the University – A Time to Reflect on Accomplishments for 2018/19 and Plan for the Upcoming Year 2019/20

The President held the Second Annual Retreat for Senior Managers on September 6, 2019 at the former Bookstore at the University’s main campus in Belmopan. All leaders were given an opportunity to speak on accomplishments but more importantly focused on plans for 2019-2020. There was participation from internal stakeholders including students and the UB Faculty and Staff Association. Also present was the Chairman of the UB Board of Trustees, Mr. Harrison Pilgrim.

The President noted at the end that this retreat was stimulating as well as inspiring and thanked all participants for their continuing contributions to UB and the Transformational Plan.

Students Celebrate Belize’s Independence

The President was very pleased by the outpouring of enthusiasm and patriotism displayed by our students in Belmopan, Belize City and Punta Gorda during Belize’s Independence celebrations.

He saluted their creativity on the theme of this year’s Independence celebration, “From Maya Grandeur to Modern Glory, Together let’s Shape the Belizean Story”. In Belize City the BLUE Society (Building Lifelong Utilitarian Experiences) held a flag raising ceremony. He commended the Student Government leaders and the faculty who may have supported their efforts.

The University also celebrated National Service Day at the Belmopan Campus on September 19, 2019. President Sankat paid tribute to the life of service of the late Rt. Hon. George Price. He brought to memory a quote from Belize’s first Prime Minister which says, “I believe that happiness consists in serving others and not oneself”. Mr. Dean Fuller of Fultec Systems Limited, was the keynote speaker, who spoke on “the importance of volunteering, philanthropy and service to others.” The ceremony was followed by a tree planting exercise and once more Dr. Latha Thomas and the Beautification Committee as well as the Environmental Club should be congratulated.

The President also represented UB at a number of Independence Celebrations as seen below.

Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat and Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Honorable Patrick Faber, meet with Resident and Non-Resident Ambassadors to Discuss Building International Partnerships to Advance the Cause of the University of Belize (UB)

On Friday, September 20th, 2019, the University of Belize’s President, Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat, along with the University’s Academic Deans and Directors addressed Resident and Non-Resident Ambassadors accredited to Belize on the invitation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Honorable Wilfred Elrington at the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina in Belize City. Also in attendance was the Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture and Deputy Prime Minister, Honorable Patrick Faber, the CEO Ms. Deborah Domingo and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Belize, Mr. Harrison Pilgrim.

In his presentation entitled, “The Transformation at the University of Belize has begun: Opportunities and Challenges,” Professor Sankat outlined key achievements made by the University since the commencement of its strategic plan, “A Transformational Leap: Vision 2022”, in 2017. However, the thrust of the presentation was focused on building international partnerships and discovering areas of interest for collaboration to achieve the University’s future initiatives, which include staff development programs to the PhD level in selected fields, new program development including joint/dual degrees between institutions, joint research and the application for research grants, infrastructural development for new teaching and learning facilities, new laboratories, staff/student services, residences and increased opportunities for cultural/sporting/academic exchanges so as to enhance student experiences.

Professor Sankat also highlighted the vital need to support its proposed new programs. This included programs in Medicine, Music and Engineering, for example.

The President was grateful for the support of Hon. Patrick Faber, Hon. Wilfred Elrington and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for making this presentation possible.

Students Kickoff the Semester

Each year, the University holds its Annual Semester Kickoff/ Opportunities fair, which makes returning to school easier, especially for new students. The event is made to explore student opportunities such as study abroad programs, get involved on campus, and discover how to get involved with student life. The opportunities fair allowed UB students to explore student clubs, organizations and leadership programs.

Companies such as Fultec systems, promoted purchasing academic supplies; There was the opportunity to learn about campus dining options with the food stalls that were available throughout the course of the day. The fair allowed students to access healthy lifestyle options. DFC also presented, educating students on academic loans and payment plans. Insurance Companies such as Atlantic and ICB were on site promoting special insurance policies for our students. Many more displayed their businesses and offered one-day promotions to the University of Belize Students, and staff.

The President thanks Dean Dr. Martin Cuellar for organizing this event.

UB Signs MOU with University of Texas at Tyler

The President of the University of Texas (UT Tyler) at Tyler, Dr. Michael Tidwell, was warmly received by President Sankat and some senior managers, on his first visit to the University of Belize on September 30, 2019. Following a brief welcome ceremony, President Tidwell was invited to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between UB and UT Tyler and this was done in the new Conference Centre and in the presence of a cross section of faculty, staff and students particularly from the History Department. It is expected that this MOU will allow for an exchange of students and faculty between our two institutions and support for curriculum development for example in the new program in Archaeology. Other areas of collaboration were clearly identified with building capacity at UB at the fore. The President of UT Tyler announced, to a round of applause, the award of two full scholarships to two new UB graduates to pursue their Master degrees at UT Tyler.

UB and Ecumenical Junior College Meet to Plan Collaboration

President Sankat along with Dr. Bernard Watler, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences (FMSS); Dr. Priscilla Brown-Lopez, Chair of Outreach, Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA); and Mr. Arnulfo Kantun, Business Development Officer journeyed to Ecumenical Junior College (EJC) in Dangriga Town on September 27, 2019 and met with Dean Dr. Karen Martinez and other lecturers of EJC. They were very warmly received by the Dean and her colleagues. Discussions surrounded the delivery of some programs from the FEA and FMSS in Dangriga through EJC.

The outcome of the meeting was that a Memorandum of Agreement will be signed with EJC on October 15, 2019.

President Sankat Meets with Representatives from World Bank

Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat met with representatives from the World Bank, Frederico Pedroso, Akshat Chaturvedi and Philip Barutha, on October 2, 2019. They are engaging with the Ministry of Works in Belize with a project on Transport Asset Management. This preliminary meeting was held to explore the possibilities of building capacity at the University of Belize in this area. The focus was on knowledge and information sharing for outreach programs which UB can lead. We look forward to further developments on this matter. The World Bank representatives were accompanied by Mr. Selwyn King from the Social Investment Fund.

UB’s President Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat conferred with ‘Honorary Fellow of the Commonwealth of Learning’

On 11th September 2019, the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) conferred the President of University of Belize (UB) with the title of Honorary Fellow during an awards ceremony held at the Ninth Annual Pan-Commonwealth Forum (PCF9) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

COL, an intergovernmental organization created by Commonwealth Heads of Government to promote the development and sharing of open learning and distance education knowledge, resources and technologies within Commonwealth countries, designates its Honorary Fellows by their outstanding contributions to education.

Professor Emeritus Sankat, who has served the Caribbean for the past forty-one (41) years, was awarded this distinction based on his long and distinguished service to the advancement of quality higher education in the Commonwealth, particularly for his contributions in the area of agro-innovation and agribusiness within the Caribbean and for his ability to increase student access to higher education through online learning policies, establishing blended learning initiatives and advocating for the use of ICT and eLearning.

UB Future Pharmacists Celebrate World Pharmacy Day

World Pharmacists Day is celebrated on September 25 each year. This year’s theme was, “Safe and effective medicines for all.” To commemorate the day, Mrs. Thurton (Senior Pharmacy Lecturer) and Mrs. Palacio (Pharmacy technician) along with students in the associate degree program planned activities at FEA campus, Belize City. The activities included, a pharmaceutical display and information booth, “brown bag” activity (individuals take in their medications and the pharmacists provide education regarding the medication), and blood pressure and glucose checks. Brodies Pharmaceutical, Pharmalat, and Biomeds also participated in the display and information booth.

The President congratulates the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Companies that lent their support.

UB Welcomes International Students who will be Pursuing English as a Second Language at the Regional Language Centre (RLC)

The University of Belize welcomed 52 students that came to the Regional Language Center to pursue an English as a Second Language Certificate and experience the Belizean diversity. The students are from Belize, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Republic of China (Taiwan), and South Korea.

President Sankat Launches 3rd President’s Endowment Fund Fete in Orange Walk

President Sankat together with Dr. Nestor Chan, Dean of Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA); Mr. Arnulfo Kantun, Business Development Officer and Ms. Rosalia Lopez, Secretary of FEA in Orange Walk, journeyed to the Mayor’s Office in Orange Walk and launched the Third Annual President’s Endowment Fete – Rossy War in Concert backed by Gilharry 7 together with Super Furia. Mayor Kevin Bernard and his office have offered their full support to the University of Belize to make this event a grand, successful and enjoyable event.

Also the President and his team were able to secure the sponsorship of Cuello’s Distillery and we expect that the famous Caribbean Rum and other beverages will be at the fete. The team was warmly received and supported by Ms. Froila Adelma Cuello Osorio, who is one of the Directors of the organization and a proud UB alumna.

Additionally, President Sankat along with Chairman of Board of Trustees, Mr. Harrison Pilgrim met with representatives of Love FM and the General Manager of Dibary Stores, Mr. Walter Campos, and were assured of their support for this event.

Tickets are available at the President’s Office, Belmopan; Cuello’s Office, Orange Walk; UB Accounts Office, FMSS, Belize City; Lands Department (Jamilia Requena), San Ignacio; and Dibary stores nationwide.

We are looking forward to be entertained by the singing star from Peru, Rossy War and her troupe at the Muffles Auditorium on October 26, 2019.

Signing with Students from National Tsing Hua University, ROC (Taiwan)

On August 12th, 2019, the Taiwan National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) Belize Group from National Tsing Hua University of Taiwan met with Student Government members from the University of Belize (UB). They discussed partnering with students from UB to promote and participate in camps in the rural areas and in joining them in their summer camps. They also discussed possible cultural exchanges between the two universities. The Taiwan NTHU Belize Group is a student initiated and self-sustained not-for-profit organized group aimed at improving Belize’s primary and secondary education in rural areas.

The University is pleased with these students and grateful for the service they have provided to deserving Belizean communities over the past nine years. We all look forward to UB Students volunteering to work with their Taiwanese university student counterparts.

President attends 114 Meeting of CSUCA in Managua, Nicaragua

President Sankat attended the 114th Ordinary Session of the Consejo Superior Universitario Centro Americano (CSUCA – Central American Higher Education Council) in Managua, Nicaragua that was held at National Autonomous University of Nicaragua – Managua (UNAN-M) on August 19-20, 2019. At this meeting several important topics were discussed including the ranking of universities in Central America and the research output and impacts from our Central American universities. The President will be sharing these findings at the next meeting of the Academic Council of UB. A partnership agreement was also signed by some of the universities with HUAWEI Technologies to help build ICT capacity in some of our universities.

This was President’s Sankat last meeting as President of CSUCA. The Rector of the University of Salvador, Dr. Roger Armando Arias Alvarado, was appointed as the new CSUCA President and Professor Sankat handed over the mantle of leadership to him.

President was thanked for his services to CSUCA and was especially recognized by UNAN-Managua, UNAN-Leon and National University of Engineering (Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria) for his thoughtful Presidency of CSUCA.

The Partnership between UNAN-Managua and UB Deepens

The partnership between National Autonomous University of Nicaragua – Managua (UNAN-Managua) and its Faculty of Medical Sciences together with the University of Belize is deepening. This follows the decision at the last meeting of the UB Board of Trustees to approve the introduction of the Bachelor in Medicine, Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS) at UB effective August 1, 2020. In preparing for this, President Sankat together with Dr. George Gough, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Health and head of the Medical Council of Belize; and Mr. Arnulfo Kantun, Business Development Officer visited and engaged Dr. Freddy Meynard, Dean; Dr. Margarita Pérez, Deputy Dean and faculty members of the Faculty Medical Sciences in UNAN-Managua in deep discussions. It is expected that UNAN-Managua will begin the capacity development at UB by training the potential lecturers in Medicine. This will happen after the official agreement is signed.

The UB Community should note the construction of the Medical School building at the Belmopan Campus has begun. It is being built by IRAH Construction of Belmopan.

The President and Mr. Kantun further engaged the Board of Directors of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) on a Memorandum of Agreement that has to be signed so as to facilitate the clinical training of our student doctors in the hospital in Belize City. There is much happening as we strive to put the pieces together to make this much anticipated program in Medicine a success.

UB Graduate Carolee Ysaguirre Staine Pays Tribute to Dr. Maxine McKay

On August 8th, 2019, the President of the University, Professor Sankat, received a testimonial from one of its 2019 graduates, Ms. Carolee Ysaguirre on her former lecturer, Dr. Maxine McKay. In her letter to the President, Ms. Ysaguirre said Dr. McKay played “a very instrumental part of [her] educational attainment at the University of Belize,” and it is in this vein, Ms. Ysaguirre wanted to honor Dr. McKay. She requested the President to have her testimonial in this issue of the President’s Desk as a way of thanking Dr. McKay for her contribution to her life as well as countless other students, whose lives she has touched and continue to touch.

The President on behalf of all our Academic and Administrative Staff, appreciates such expressions from our students/graduates.

My name is Carolee Ysaguirre Staine and I am a recent graduate of the University of Belize. I am writing on behalf of the many students who have attained their educational status in the teaching arena under the tutelage of Dr. Maxine McKay. Dr. McKay is a highly professional education veteran. She has been a very instrumental part of my educational attainment from Ladyville Technical High School to the University of Belize. Throughout the years, she has instilled creativity, compassion, and critical thinking in her students. She not only divulges information, but she dedicates her time (on weekends, holidays and long after everyone has gone home), effort and energy to her students, whether in or outside of the classroom. Her passion and drive for success and excellence in her students makes her a truly remarkable human being. She demonstrates resilience, will power, undeniable commitment and professional disposition at all times. She is a committed and dedicated individual who never closes the door of opportunity for her excellence and that of her students. She has always taught us that our successes are created through meaningful relationships, hard work, honesty, respect and the drive to reach our highest potential. She has worn many hats in her professional journey from being an educator in secondary institutions where she touched many lives with educational and life skills necessary for potential and growth, to becoming an Assistant Professor at the University of Belize. Her role as the Internship for the Faculty of Education and Arts has led almost all; if not all of the interns under her guidance to become successful during their theoretical and practical journey. Her flamboyant and colorful career has led her to serve in several other project-based activities within and outside of the University of Belize. For example, the student exchange program from Bridgewater State University has been very successful under her guidance. University of Belize students are granted the opportunity to experience education through a different culture, all because of the backing and leadership from Dr. McKay, she is simply an outstanding educator, and woman. Because of her passion as a student-centered and innovative educator who continually seeks to improve learning and school culture, I am therefore asking you to kindly feature her in your bulletin as a way of thanking her for her contribution to mine as well as the countless other students’ educational path while at the University of Belize and for the many lives that she has touched and continue to touch. She is not boastful, so many will never know the extent of her commitment to others, even when she leaves herself last, if there was ever someone who should be honored for their stellar commitment to others and education in this Century it should be Dr. Maxine McKay.

UB’s Danladi Chiroma Husaini Published Two Research Article in the Latin American Scientific Journal, SciELO

On August 15th and 29th, 2019, UB’s Danladi Chiroma Husaini – lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences, published two research article in SciELO, a scientific journal which provides scientific communication needs of developing countries in Latin America and an efficient way to increase visibility and access to scientific literature.

His first article, entitled ‘Perception of Harm and Benefits of Cannabis Use Among Adolescents from Latin America and Caribbean,’ can be read at

His second article, entitled ‘Perception of Harms, Benefits and Intention to Use Marijuana Within the Context of Regulatory Changes in Belize,’ can be read at

UB awards 45 students with Athletic Scholarships

On August 25th, the University of Belize (UB) held its annual Student Athlete Scholarship Ceremony at the Jaguar Auditorium in Belmopan.

At this year’s ceremony, forty-five (45) students from across all faculties both at the Associate and Bachelor levels were recipients of Student Athlete Scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year. Of these, seventeen (17) were females and twenty-seven (27) were males, where nineteen (19) were returning students and twenty-five (25) were new students. Scholarships, which were given based on academic and athletic abilities, were in Basketball, Football, Softball, Volleyball, Track and Canoeing.

At the ceremony all scholarship recipients signed their contract agreements which, included stipulations for good behavior, good grades, and community service.

The President thanks the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Martin Cuellar, and the students for their success in this arena of sports.

Mr. Deryck Satchwell Speaks at Sixth Annual Silvaana Udz Lekcha

On Tuesday, September 3rd, students and lecturers in the University of Belize, Faculty of Education and Arts filled the Jaguar Auditorium to capacity for the 6th annual Silvaana Udz Lekcha delivered by preeminent Belizean educator, Deryck Satchwell. Centering his presentation on literacy and discourse in Belize, and drawing upon his own linguistic background and many years of experience as an English language teacher, Mr. Satchwell opined that a more adequate approach to language teaching is needed in the Belizean school system in order to respond to the needs of our multilingual society. In the lively Q&A session that followed the presentation, audience members raised several thought-provoking matters such as the importance of one’s linguistic identity and the relevance of traditional education in this technology driven age.

Named in honour of Dr. Silvaana Udz, in recognition of her outstanding contributions to education and culture in Belize, the annual Silvaana Udz Lekcha Series introduces students to noteworthy authors, poets, educators, and other intellectuals from Belize and abroad, so that they may be inspired to pursue a life of letters and critical reflection.

UQROO Students Visit and Experience UB

On September 9th, Students from the University of Quintana Roo (UQROO) visited the University of Belize for a Week Long Cultural Exchange that ended on September 14, 2019. The purpose of the exchange was to increase the students understanding of Belize’s history, culture, education and nature through interactions which would enhance their English also through a cultural immersion. As part of the Cultural Immersion, students had the opportunity to visit Maya ruins and different tourist locations. The students were accompanied by Ms. Sonia Sansores the Director of the Language and Education Department, UQROO, Mexico.

Belize Anthropologist Launches Book

On the 11th September 2019, Belizean Anthropologist, Dr. Lyra Spang, launched her book “Bite Yu Finga!” and had an engaging discussion about the exploration of how we as Belizeans identify what Belizean food is and the role of tourism in culinary innovation. She also spoke on the research methods she engaged in in order to finish her doctoral dissertation engaging the history and anthropology students of the University of Belize at the George Price Center.

Dr. Spang also donated a copy of her book to the UB library.

Central Farm Campus Hosts Climate Change Workshop

On September 19th 2019, the University of Belize Central Farm Campus hosted a climate change workshop which was sponsored by International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF, Republic of China (Taiwan)). The workshop served to inform Belizean farmers, extension officers and bachelor students on the events of a regional workshop recently held in St. Kitts and Nevis where a delegation of five Belizeans participated.

Workshop facilitators included Dr. Carlos Itza and Mr. Daniel Juan, both lecturers at UBCF, who delivered presentations on current and projected impacts of climate change and its link to food security, regional farmers’ best practices, water harvesting and use efficiency, international organizations’ research and outcomes in tackling climate change and potential solutions for Belizean farmers.

The University thanks ICDF for its continued collaboration in promoting Belizean food security and capacity building.

UB ERI staff are all First Aid Certified

The entire UB ERI staff recently completed training in First Aid by professional instructor and Science Director (Marine), Dr. Leandra Cho-Ricketts. All staff including several student volunteers were trained in various emergency response training, including Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillation (AED) and Diving First Aid. Given the heavy scientific research activities carried out by ERI researchers and student volunteers, the need for emergency response is a priority. Fortunately, there has never been the need to act on any emergency response by any of its staff and if there is the need, everyone is now prepared.

Physical Developments

Completion of Students’ Gazebo

The President wishes to salute the contribution of the previous Student Government in Belmopan for collaborating with the Administration in making this project a success. We are witnessing how quickly our students are using these facilities.

Front Entrance Paving – Belmopan

The President wishes to thank Mr. Francis Burns and his team for undertaking and successfully completing this project at our main entrance. Well done!

Punta Gorda Campus – Students Beautifying the Campus

The President wishes to congratulate Mr. Roy Polonio, the Campus Administrator, his staff and especially the students of PG for their beautification efforts and lifting the aesthetics of the PG Campus.

Water, Drainage and Sewage – Belmopan Campus

The President wishes to advise that Mr. Francis Burns and his Team from the Department of Physical Plant, continue to work assiduously to treat with water and sewage challenges we have been having on the south side of the Belmopan Campus – buildings like the Jaguar, Scarlet Macaw and Jabiru. New pumps with electrical wiring and plumbing have been installed to connect water tanks that were not in use for several years so as to alleviate water disruption which we have been experiencing. New toilet fixtures etc. are being installed in the Jaguar building, to replace fixtures for which parts were not available. A contractor has been brought in to build new drain fields to treat with effluents. This we hope will alleviate the unpleasant odours around some buildings of the Campus. Over the recent past a contractor was also brought in to treat with the leach field in the centre of the FEA Campus in Belize City.

Sewage – FEA, Belize City

These are all challenging issues which Mr. Burns and his Team are working steadily to address. The President appreciates and thanks them for their work which is in progress – not glamorous but necessary, and thanks all of the University Community for their patience in this matter.

“All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat and Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Honorable Patrick Faber, meet with Resident and Non-Resident Ambassadors to discuss building international partnerships to advance the University of Belize (UB)

On Friday, September 20th, 2019, the University of Belize’s President, Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat, along with the University’s Academic Deans and Directors addressed Resident and Non-Resident Ambassadors accredited to Belize on the invitation of Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Honorable Wilfred Elrington at the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina in Belize City. Also in attendance was the Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture and Deputy Prime Minister, Honorable Patrick Faber and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the University of Belize, Mr. Harrison Pilgrim.

In his presentation entitled, “The Transformation at the University of Belize has begun: Opportunities and Challenges,” Professor Sankat outlined key achievements made by the University since the commencement of its strategic plan, A Transformational Leap: Vision 2022, in 2017. However, the thrust of the presentation was focused on building international partnerships and discovering areas of interest for collaboration to achieve the University’s future initiatives, which include staff development programs to the PhD level in selected fields, new program development including joint/dual degrees between institutions, joint research and the application for research grants, infrastructural development for new teaching and learning facilities, new laboratories, staff/student services, residences and increased opportunities for cultural/sporting/academic exchanges so as to enhance student experiences.

Professor Sankat also highlighted the vital need to support its proposed new programs. This included programs in Medicine, Music and Engineering, for example.

In his conclusion, Professor Sankat noted that the UB cannot achieve the transformation on its own as it simply does not have all the resources. To this, Professor stated, “The University of Belize has the vision and determination but capacity must be built through partnerships.” He spoke to the benefit of international partnerships and where assistance from the international community, international universities and funding institutions can play a vital role in advancing Belize’s higher education. President Sankat appealed to the Diplomats and financial institutions present to consider the National University of Belize in their deliberations as the development of the human capital in Belize is a pre-cursor to sustainable development of the Country.

The Minister of Education Youth, Sports and Culture, Honorable Faber, echoed the President’s appeal for assistance with building the educational system of Belize and noted how international partnerships have facilitated this in the past. He also noted that partnerships bring mutual benefits to both parties engaged; and urged the representatives gathered to consider the opportunities to be derived from engaging with the University of Belize and supporting the cause.