Office of Admissions

Camilla Barker
Admissions Coordinator

The Office of Admissions hereby extends a warm welcome to all prospective students, current students, parents, Alumni and other University of Belize (UB) stakeholders.

It’s indeed a wonderful time to become a member of this national University, which is on the path to becoming the nation’s premier choice for higher education. With a student population well over 4800 and a climbing 50 plus degree program offerings, ranging from the Associate to Master’s level, UB also provides specialized training which culminates with either a Certificate or Diploma qualification  in the respective areas.

The UB prides itself in delivering quality education at high standards and affordable rates. Our accessibility is to enable nation development and academic advancement for the citizens of Belize, the Region and beyond!

We highly promote the attainment of higher education, especially in this era where economies have become borderless and globalization has created access to a world of opportunities. Earning your degree at UB will therefore improve your academic status, marketability, earning potential, standard of living and by extent, quality of life.

Our Mission

To attract and recruit the most academically competent, rounded, motivated, ambitious and goal-oriented local and international students to the University of Belize while providing service with excellence, diligence and innovation in a multicultural environment. We are committed to quality in higher education.”

As we forge ahead on this Mission, we will not only enrol quality students but also produce excellent graduates and agents of change, who will impact the growth and development of Belize and the world at large.

When preparation meets opportunities, great things can happen. Come and join us, prepare yourself by contacting the Office of Admissions today!


The staff at the UB’s Office of Admissions anticipates meeting and working with you. We understand that students’ development can oftentimes become complicated; therefore, our encouragement is to get it right from the beginning and enrol into the program YOU are most passionate about today so you will not need to program change tomorrow.

Admissions Coordinator – Mrs. Camilla Allen-Barker