Leadership Search: Vice President

The University of Belize is seeking a VICE PRESIDENT to support the effort to transform itself into a vibrant national institution committed to sustaining the continuing development of Belize.

The Opportunity

Reporting to the President, who carries overall responsibility for the functioning of the institution, the Vice President is responsible for the day-to-day management of, and medium-term planning for, the academic operations of the University. The post carries specific oversight responsibility for the teaching and research operations and management of the individual faculties and other academic units, including ensuring adequate staffing of teaching and research positions, and including the management of campus operations at Central Farm and Punta Gorda, and the Environmental Research Institute. The Vice President is also responsible for supervising the operations of the Student Affairs Office, the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Quality Assurance and the Library. A critical requirement of the post is the establishment and maintenance of arrangements for ensuring the highest possible levels of academic quality in the teaching outcomes of the institution, for ensuring relevance in the content of courses and programmes offered by the University, and for ensuring the highest quality in teaching delivery and harnessing research.
The ideal candidate would be performance-focused, output- and outcome-oriented, people-friendly, and willing and capable of encouraging high-level performance from subordinates. Emphasis in candidate-selection would be placed on a demonstrated track-record.

Minimum Requirements

  • Doctoral degree and a record of excellence in teaching, research and service;
  • Proven academic leadership skills; willingness and ability to lead, manage, motivate and counsel faculty members and administrators;
  • Demonstrated experience in the design, development, organisation, management and evaluation of teaching curricula; knowledge of the maintenance of curricula relevance; and knowledge of teaching delivery methods and the evaluation of teaching delivery effectiveness, including distance delivery;
  • Experience in the development of tertiary-level academic policies as they affect faculty, students, and non-academic staff;
  • Experience in administration in tertiary-level institutions, including staffing, budgeting, and multi-year operational planning and the oversight of institutional activities;
  • Experience in the conduct and management of research activities.

Ideal Characteristics

  • Impeccable integrity;
  • People-centred with outstanding interpersonal communications skills with a demonstrated ability to develop strategic partnerships;
  • A proven leader and skilled manager with an inclusive leadership style who will empower faculty, staff and students to think creatively;
  • Ability to inspire trust and confidence, while building consensus within the institution;
  • Ability to interact effectively with organizations as the face and voice of the University, acting as the advocate for the institution’s mission to drive national development, and attracting needed resources;Ability to work in a non-partisan way with all stakeholders;
  • A persuasive leader who will work with the Office of Institutional Advancement, faculty, staff and the Alumni Association in the development of donor prospects;
  • Strong focus on the delivery of the highest possible quality of the main University product: the student graduate; and
  • Commitment to the establishment and maintenance of the highest level of academic quality.

While operations at UB are conducted in English, a working knowledge of Spanish would be useful.

Compensation And Terms of Engagement

This is a full-time contractual appointment. Compensation and terms of engagement will be competitive with those associated with posts carrying similar breadth of responsibilities at institutions in the region similar to the University of Belize.

Applications To Be addressed to

Major Lloyd Jones (Ret’d) MBA, MSc.
Vice Chairman
Board of Trustees
Head of the Vice President’s Selection Committee
University of Belize
Hummingbird Avenue
Belmopan City, Cayo District
Belize, Central America
Email: [email protected]

Candidates should include a cover letter, detailed curriculum vitae, and copies of relevant degrees and certificates. To expedite the applications process, candidates are asked to include also the names, addresses, and electronic contact information (including telephone numbers) of five (5) referees (two persons who report directly to the candidate, two persons to whom the candidate reports directly, and one faculty member from the current or a former educational institution). The University of Belize must have authorization from candidates to contact the identified referees.

Queries may be addressed to: [email protected]
For More information About the University of Belize: www.ub.edu.bz


Deadline to Apply is Monday, May 9, 2022