‘Fultec Systems Computer Lab’ unveiled at The University of Belize

Dr. Mariot Simon, Vice President of The University of Belize said in his welcome remarks, “This newly renovated computer lab is a representation of our National University.  Except for the computers and printers, that are not produced here in Belize, everything else was locally sourced.”  The importance of this event to the University of Belize was evident in the attendance of the Dean and Chairs from each Faculty along with the UB Management Team.  The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Harrison Pilgrim, also attended this event and offered words of gratitude.  Mr. Harrison Pilgrim reiterated congratulations to Fultec Systems for agreeing to partner with The University of Belize to pave the way for growth and development of the National University. He hopes that another partner in the Belizean Community would consider following suit for one of the other labs on UB Campuses.

UB’s President Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat, who takes every opportunity to invite the Private Sector to invest in UB, applauds Fultec Systems Ltd. for accepting the call to give. Our Private Sector partners reap the rich reward of getting innovative, creative and competent University of Belize graduates as their employees. Partnerships like these go beyond the day of the event, it benefits current and future students.  President Sankat recognized the input of Mr. Michael Link, who assisted during the time he was Director of Information Technology and Mr. Abulaziz Saunderson, current Director of Information Technology for their technical expertise.   He also extended gratitude to Mr. Francis Burns for working on the layout and sourcing the quality computer desk work stations. President Sankat recognized Ms. Sherlene Julien, Director of Finance, for the liaising with General Manager, Mrs. Diana Fuller from Fultec Systems and working on the conditions of the memorandum of understanding (MOU). President Sankat also hopes that more partners from the Private and Public Sector will offer support to UB in upgrading facilities for our students. He said this was therefore a historic, landmark day for UB. President Sankat says he looks forward to the day when there will be the ceremony to name one of UB’s faculty after a Private Sector Benefactor. As a preamble to Mrs. Diana Fuller, President Sankat said he is very pleased with the conditions of the MOU especially for the $5,000 donation towards the Endowment Fund to provide scholarships to deserving students for them to further their education at UB and the $30,000 in cash and “in kind” support from Fultec Systems which will assist with the upkeep of the computer lab.

Mrs. Diana Fuller said that when Fultec Systems was approached a few months ago by The University of Belize to assist with the upgrading of the computer lab, they were humbled by the request and immediately agreed as this was in line with Fultec Systems ’ beliefs, of giving back. Having the computer lab named ‘Fultec Systems Computer Lab’ was an added reward to support the development of our National University. Mrs. Fuller reminisced of her father who had decided to go back to school at the age of 69 to learn more about computers. Therefore, they see ‘The Fultec Systems Computer Lab’ as a place for everyone willing to make a difference. This was also the thought when they decided to assist with $5,000 to the UB Endowment Fund specifically to assist a student who chooses to pursue advancement in Information Technology.  Mrs. Fuller also presented the first $10,000 that is a part of the MOU to initiate their commitment to the clauses agreed upon. Mrs. Fuller said, “The key to the improvement of self, community and country is to be inspired – to aspire to whatever your purpose is – to make a difference in this world.”

Students will have the opportunity to enjoy the renovated Fultec Systems Lab

After the unveiling, those present were able to view The Fultec Systems Computer Lab that is equipped with 70 new computers.  The expansion of the lab sets the stage for the strategic focus of UB’s institutional development through improved facilities and services provided to students.