IMPORTANT NOTICE: 2021-2 Semester Face-to-Face Instruction

December 9, 2021

From the Human Resources Department

2021-2 Semester Face-to-Face Instruction

The University advises that in order to facilitate face-to-face instruction for the 2021-2 Semester, only students who are fully vaccinated can take courses on campus. That will be supported in addition to the adherence of the universal precautions of mask-wearing, handwashing/sanitizing, and physical distancing. Therefore, all UB students must provide proof of vaccination status by 31st December 2021, to your respective faculties in order to participate in face-to-face activities in the January – May 2022 semester.
FEA students submit to [email protected]
FHS students submit to [email protected]
FMSS students submit to [email protected]
FST students submit to [email protected]

The University of Belize’s Registration site displays the courses that will be online and those for face-to-face for 2021-2.

All Faculty and Staff are required to submit a copy of their vaccination record to the Human Resources Department on or before December 15, 2021. Thanks to those who already made their submission. Employees who choose not to be vaccinated, must present a negative antigen test every two weeks via email to the Human Resources Office prior to coming on campus.

The University of Belize is committed to delivering quality tertiary education and professional training on our campuses, but this can only be accomplished through your support as we protect each other to combat the pandemic.

Thank you.

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