UB President: Payment Deadline Extension

My Dear Students:

As we are now fully into the 2017-2 Semester, it gives me great pleasure that the orientation for new students entering UB for January intake had over 100 participants from all over the country. This success however was quickly upstaged by another matter that greatly concerns me as it relates to the future of our institution: our students’ inability to pay their semester’s tuition and fees in a timely manner.

The University of Belize has seen an unprecedented rise in students’ inability to meet their financial obligations in a timely manner.  Be assured however, that the University is committed to its mission of providing “…relevant, affordable and accessible educational and training programs that address national needs …” in the support of human and national development, while increasing its own sustainability.  We need your support if we are to achieve our mission.  With the support of our Senior Managers, let me advise you that if you have not met your 40% payment that was due yesterday, let me set your heart at ease and tell you unequivocally, that we are not going to remove your registration at this time. We do however expect you to act responsibly and visit the Accounts Receivable office to set up a payment plan if you are experiencing financial difficulties. While we are willing to extend your payment terms, the extent of what the University can offer in terms of assistance is limited—UB can only be as flexible as our financial circumstance will permit.

I encourage you to establish a payment plan to ensure you maintain your access to UB’s essential services. The full payment deadline is March 30th and although your registration will not be removed, you will not be permitted to sit final exams if your obligation is not paid in full by this deadline.

The management team and I are here to support you in meeting your academic goals and we trust you will partner with us as we navigate these precarious financial times together.

Please contact the Finance Office at 822-1000 (extension 155) or [email protected] to set up an appointment if you need to do so.


Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat