Dr. Nestor Chan
Do you know that The University of Belize is the national university committed to providing “relevant, affordable and accessible educational and training programs that address national needs?” In support of this commitment, the faculty and staff of education and Arts are always delighted when students like you elect to pursue studies in any of our divisions. This delight compels us to ensure that you have a plethora of successful experiences as you advance through your studies. We, therefore, unreservedly welcome you into the faculty of Education and Arts: your “home away from home.”

You are special to us, so the faculty avail themselves of the available knowledge and skills to offer you bleeding edge research-based certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree programs.  In an attempt to cater to your academic needs and interests, as well as those of your colleagues, university personnel have organized the faculty of Education and Arts into the divisions of education, history, and English and have been offering programs ranging from the introductory to the specialized. 

In the faculty of Education and Arts, faculty members are currently engaged in several new projects to make education more accessible and relevant.  By the end of this school year, we will implement a Writing Center, a principalship program for current and aspiring primary school principals, and an associate program in teaching, which will be offered through distance education.  With the implementation of the proposed initiatives, we will create an environment to better equip you to hone the knowledge and skills necessary for realizing your dreams and aspirations. We are committed to ensuring that you develop to your fullest potential and contribute positively to the Belizean society.

I must therefore compliment the dynamic and dedicated professionals, who work arduously and assiduously to ensure that we offer the programs and courses to suit your background, experiences, and needs. I, therefore, urge you to take advantage of these rich and unique opportunities. Register in one of our programs because knowledge is power. I guarantee that you will not only gain superior knowledge from the cadre professionals in the faculty of Education and Arts, but you will also acquire the skills necessary to become a life-long learner and to live happily in the new and challenging dispensation.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Nestor Chan
Dean, Faculty of Education & Arts

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May 2017
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Vol. 1
Issue 2